Perreaux current products

Happy New Year All,

I saw in Hi-Fi+ issue 214 that the Perreaux 200iX integrated amp got a “highly recommend” rating, which prompted a look on the Perreaux website. I don’t know much about the brand, excepting having seen some amplifiers, used I believe, somewhere for sale.  I remember saying to myself the the name seemed familiar, but somewhat rare. After looking at the website I have to say their products look pretty interesting. I did an Audiogon forum search and found mention of some of their older gear, but does anyone have experience with any of the current offerings?  I admit, the color options struck me as freaky cool!

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I recall them being highly publicized in the early and mid 2000's or so, around the same time Halcro, Quicksilver, and a few others were getting lots of pages. Good, solid amps with a spacious sound. 

I have a Perreaux 2150B that I bought on eBay for around $900. It is quite a powerhouse: 340/680/920wpc@8/4/2ohms. MOSFET output stage. Made in New Zealand, like Plinius. This is my go-to amp for inefficient speakers like my DQ-10's. Sonically competitive with the likes of Krell, Levinson ... other top-tier amps.