Persona B in a 36 x 27 room?

Is that too much space for the Persona Bs?  I will augment them with two SVS SB4000 subs.  I will drive the Personas with an HK990 integrated amp.  I currently use Tekton Enzo 2.7s and they supply the dynamics and speed, but not the resolution.  My music tastes center around classic rock sprinkled with some classical.  Are the Persona Bs beefy enough for an area that size as I will occasionally turn up the volume?  If you guys are aware of any other monitors (or small floorstanders) that are efficient, fast, resolve well and can fill a 36 x 27 space, I'm all ears.  Thanks.
The only monitor that will fill that space properly is atc scm in or legacy calibres which Ara really a compact floorstander

The subs will not take off the bass of the monitors so if you want o play loud  the two speakers  we mentioned will do the job we have a demo pair  of the calibres in white for a great price we also sell the Paradigms so we know them well

Dave and troy
For that sized room you would want to go with a large cubic inch speaker with a lot of piston power especially with classical and classic rock i would look into a vintage american speaker made before 1981 to fill the space with thick meaty sound with no loss of resolution or dynamics when you need them, when the volume gets turned up or the music gets complex in nature.
No chance. Those speakers would be terrible in that room. Come on, you knew that  : )
Depending on your seating position. I have a set of 5f’s that I heard at Axpona with a 1k watt McIntosh amp fill a room larger than that. Your amp will be your weak link not the Personas. A swarm sub system would be your best bet. 
This is a point I failed to mention.  Even though the room is large, the main listening position is actually about 9' away from the loudspeakers.  More than 2/3 of the room is behind the listening position.  So, even though the room is large, the setup is almost a near field experience.  I'm interested in the Persona B because they are efficient and supposedly dynamic, and they happen to be one of the few high end loudspeakers I can audition here in the audio wasteland that is Houston.
Have you considered the 3F. Seems like deals to be had on those a lot of times and once you factor in stands for the B I don’t think the price is too far off. 
Room size does not matter. It only matters how far you sit away and how many seats you want to cover. For most of that is 1 seat at 12’ or less. You could take your system outside and sit 9’ way and it would be fine (better in a lot of ways). 
Rooms that are too small have bass gain that is uneven. Rooms that at too big get some odd eco. 
Anyway I don’t care for monitors. I feel like the mid bass is strained even with subs. that 6.5” mid still needs to travel pretty far to get the spl up. Most floor standards cross over the woofers around 200hz and something with two 8” woofers feels more dynamic and less strained. 
I would add focal and revel to your list. The Revel’s are the least bedazzled of the bunch and would be my choice. The 226be (a pair on here near new for under $5000) is the same price as Persona B and has a better tuned tweeter (near perfect) and more natural mids to my ear. Something like the larger  228be with subs would play way out of their price range. 

There are a few pairs of Sopra 1s on used on here too. 
I’ve got a pair of personas and they are what you’re looking for, resolving and dynamic. Use the subs to take the load off the speakers and amps below whatever fq works for your room and enjoy. Check out the pathos logos mk2 as a pairing for the speakers