Pet audiophile peeves - name yours

1. Power supplies that are not the same size or finish as the preamp. Who decided this was a good idea?

2. Ridiculous and obvious snake oil salesman
Haha some very nice replies that already covered mine - go Newbie, Chadnliz, and Pawlowski6132!
Uneven carpet thickness when I am trying to level my speakers.

Finding good speaker designs is unnecessarily challenging, I think. Not many electrostatic options or viable horn options and very few dynamic speakers that are sealed or have active crossovers.

I am frustrated by Bose's marketing acting as a blanket of fog between non-audiophiles and hifi. And every time I have some audio conversation with a non-audiophile, Bose usually gets thrown in and I am compelled to tactfully express my dislike for the company and its products.

I really dislike audiophiles and dealers and audiophiles who dealers/manufacturers on the side, etc., etc. who have a sense of nobility as if audio takes a special aptitude or skill. The 'philes who think their character is above those who are not audiophiles are additionally comically baffling, and very common.

What I do like right now is discovering esoteric products from small companies and my new enterprise in to headphones.
10-07-07: Entrope
Use of the word base for bass

Me, too Entropy. Two others:

Use of the word "then" for "than", "to" for "too"

Lack of tone controls on preamps. Don't volume, balance and source-selector controls introduce noise? Shall we get rid of them, too?

Steve O.
1) People who post double posts. Like the one here.

Haha, just kidding.

2) Ads that don't list the original price or list a false high price.
Cdc there are some good reasons not to list the original price. If the item was bought several years ago, then the original price may be artificially low [inflation]. Or if an EU product was bought even 2-3 years ago in the US, than the list price is too low, as the US dollar has fallen into the crapper of late!