Philharmonic Audio BMR Towers

Anybody out there by chance have a pair?
Try posting over at avsforums, they have a pretty active Philharmonic Audio thread in their speaker forum.

I have not heard the Philharmonic BMR Towers. However I have owned the BMR Monitors for a couple months now. Based on how much I like and enjoy these Monitors I have also ordered a pair of the Towers. The monitors are among the best speakers I have ever owned. They sound excellent with any genre. Pop, Jazz, Classical, and Rock, you will not be embarassed by these speakers. When my VMPS RM30's started to sound springy I started looking for something to replace them. I believe the VMPS had a slightly more natural midrange ( human voice was incredible with the VMPS RM 30's in my set up) however the BMR's tweeter is  smoother sounding to me and the bass is very articulate and fast at least as good.  It is remarkable how much sound these little speakers put out.

When I first broght them in from the cold and started lisening to them I thought they sounded thin but after playing music through them for a few days they really opened up.. I don't know if this was because they were cold, they needed some breakin, I was getting use to the way they sounded or a combination of those things but I like them better today than I did last month. I listen to them almost every day.

Also the cabinets are georgous. I have what they call Rose Wood which have 12 coats of finish and are finished like a piano. 

My understanding from reading many posts on the AVS forum is that the Towers are voiced very close to the Monitors with the only differences being that the Towers can handle more power, play a little loader, have a slightly cleaner midrange, and of course play deeper bass. 

I've been in and out of this hobby for over 50 years. Not everyone likes the same sound that I do. However I have had some people over to listen who I trust would tell me if they were not impressed but they said they were. 

The Towers will go in my dedicated listening room and the Monitors will go in my living room. 

@mgrissom ,

Glad to hear you are enjoying them!

If you would, please report back with your impressions of the towers.

I look forward to hearing about them.

I had a pair and sold them. They were very good giving a wide sound Stage and listening position, they have great in room bass for a single woofer but I prefer speakers a little less forgiving with a more neutral presentation. I would say a lot of people would be surprised just how good they are for the price. There's a large thread on AVS on BMRs.


By forgiving, do you mean they 'soften the edges' of the music as it were?

I received my towers two weeks ago.  I love them.  They're replacing MartinLogan Monolith 2's.  The towers have better bass.  The balance is different than the Monoliths.  No really serious listening to them yet but they sound fantastic.  Well worth the price.  And they're gorgeous to look at.

Its been almost a year since I purchased the Towers. They are not as impressive as the monitors. You kinda expect to get deep bass out of a speaker this size. You do not expect to get the bass you get our of the monitors. If you close your eyes when listening to the monitors you just can't believe the speakers aren't bigger than thet are. The Towers do play louder, deeper and may be a little smoother in the midrange. One thing is for certain I was bothered by the sound of the towers on some music and was about ready to look at something else. Decided to go through my system to make sure everything was set correctly. Found that the balanced cables between my Gustard R26 Dac and Luxman 507ux integrated amp were connected out of phase. Things got better especially the midrange, after changing the phase on the amp. (I listened to the monitors with the Gustard and Luxman out of phase the whole time I had them no doubt they would  have sounded better with that correction.) 

I purchased a pair of the BMR Towers recently and really like them. The bass is good and the high/midrange end are great. I have a few other brands of speakers to compare to here and there are many passages within various recordings that were not distinguishable before....impressive. The speakers are quite large and have a nice fit and finish in the rosewood that I chose. Dennis Murphy has knocked it out of the park with this value priced tower.


@mgrissom, just for my enlightenment, please tell me how balanced cables can be out of phase?  Not questioning your intelligence.  Maybe mine!