Philly Record Store Day fail

In Philly for the holidays, thought I'd check out Record Store Day offerings while here. My experiences:

(1) The place I used to go to on Record Store Day -- a shop called AKA Music -- is now permanently closed.

(2) Milkcrate Cafe & Records -- which used to be a pretty unassuming shop with a decent and varied selection -- is now apparently too hipster-ized to participate in record store day. Saleperson's quote when asked: "We don't participate because the releases aren't up to our standards." (meaning, I think, insufficient punk or obscure electronica). Flipped through the bins, literally nothing whatsoever of interest to me.

(3) Third stop: Beautiful World Syndicate. People raved about this place when I lived here and I checked it out a couple of times, but was always deeply unimpressed, both with the selection available and dismissive attitude of their (also hipster) staff. They also don't participate in Record Store Day, and the few minutes I spent browsing the used bins reinforced that I truly never need to go there again.

(4) Liquid Vinyl Underground: Closed on Black Friday.

(5) Bridgeset Sound: Did not participate in Record Store Day. Otherwise, a small but good selection (nothing I didn't already have, though) and a nice staff.

(6) Final stop: Repo Records. Not much there is to my personal taste, but they do have a high quality (if small) jazz selection. Picked up an original mono copy of Coltrane's Ole and a couple other things.

The good news is, that you can now go to a nice clean smelling (sick of dungeon like settings with noisy pressings for $30) new store  like Barnes and Noble and discover hundreds of vinyl's for sale (more and more every time I go back)! Times are good, really, really, good for new vinyl buyers.


Matt M

Isn't Record store day in April?
Anyway, the best shop is Philadelphia Record Exchange and had to move from 5th & South to Fishtown due to rent increase.
No, there's also a smaller RSD on Black Friday.
Oh, and I used to go to that Record Exchange, but never found much of any genre of interest to me...
Yeah,the online buzz on the Philadelphia Record exchange is good, unfortunately,that is the ONLY thing good about that place.If you like overpriced,dog eared.trashy records in a dimly lit cave,well,this is your place.
I don't mind a dump if the records are good...this place is a tomb.It's tough when you roll through a city you don't know and find a place like this that has good online reviews.
This is the third year that there has been a
Friday Record Store Day[/url].

This one is pretty limited in participation from what I've
read. No where near the regular RSD in April.

I had a pretty good day. Found most of what I was looking
That's too bad. I haven't been to the Phila. Record Exchange since the 1990s when records were in good condition. It always was a dimly lit cave and I think it was mostly a store for rockers and DJs.

The best stores I've found in the Philly area aren't in Philly...
Princeton Record Exchange; Princeton, NJ.
Academy Records, NYC.
You missed the gold mine guys. Here's THE place to go, which is located in Bryn Mawr, a close suburb of Philly.

Gold Million Records

I've bought many an LP there. The selection is great and the store does a very good job of screening its vinyl. If on the rare occasion, a bad apple gets through, the store is pretty good about refunds/exchanges.

Good hunting.

P.S. -- never asked because I live close by, but I wonder if they would ship records to customers. You'd have to call and ask that question.
Hey guys,
I will be in NY City for 4 days at Christmas time. (Visiting my son).
I hope to have one day to look for some good vinyl- Jazz, Bluegrass, Rock, Soul.
Gold Million is okay, but the record store in the Philly area that is tops according to many members of our local audio club is Jupiter Records in Wilmington, DE.

Heard good things about Beautiful World Syndicate in South Philly on Passyunk Ave. too, but I haven't been there myself.

President, Philadelphia Area Audio Group
Third street Jazz was a good store when I lived the. I do t know if they're still in business.

Two suggestions:

(1) Jazz Record Center, 236 W. 26th St. Note: there's no external signage for this store: you have to go to the street address, press the buzzer for their suite, and ride the elevator to the 8th Fl. First time I went here, I expected it to be a hole in the wall given its relatively unmarked location. I was overwhelmingly positively surprised upon entering. Be prepared to spend significant time and money there if you like jazz! Large selection, a mix of new and used. One of my three favorite record stores in the country (the other two being Jazz Record Mart in Chicago and Jerry's Records in Pittsburgh).

(2) Bleecker St Records (note: ***** it's no longer actually on Bleecker St.,**** it's now at 188 W. 4th St. If you're googling and find an address for them on Bleecker St, be aware that that's the old address. Just wanted to point this out, since the location change but same name might be very confusing as an out of tower).

Great selection, many genres, I always managed to pick up at least 2-3 nice records there each time I go.
Roxy, Third street Jazz is gone. I would have to say that they were THE BEST record store in Philly.
If by "contemporary," you mean music released in the past couple of years or so, no, not really.  I'll occasionally download a catchy new song for my gym playlist, but beyond that, the only instances of contemporary music on vinyl that I can recall buying in the past couple of years are:

D'Angelo, Black Messiah
Norah Jones, Little Broken Hearts
Jerome Sabbagh, The Turn
Vanessa Fernandez, Use Me (which I bought on the strength of online reviews, but found to be so horribly execrable that I truly couldn't listen to it after the first couple of songs)
Melody Gardot, My One and Only Thrill (truly excellent)
Cecile Salvant, Woman Child
Cassandra Wilson, Coming Forth By Day
I believe record store day is 4/20.

4/20 is not only the record store day btw. There are 2 RSD per year one in November and another in April. One in April is much bigger. Record selling business is at question right now: Current releases pressed off the digital files getting ignored by most of the analogue listeners and good used copies are almost impossible to get. I'm always running around to find descent collection to purchase, but most of the time hit onto the abused junk that I wouldn't even think placing even under the cheap needle.
Record Store Day has ALWAYS been the third Saturday in April.  They started Black Friday Record Store Day three years ago, like I posted above.

RSD in 2016 will be on April 16th and BFRSD will be on November 25th.