Phone pre needed. Information overloaded

Have thiel 2.4s, psaudio BHK 250 and BHK sig preamp. Am building vinyl front end , have no phono preamp.
i would like $500-1000 phono preamp that will complement by mellowing the high end and maybe emphasize deep bass. 
Is this a silly request?
i have no access to demos in rochester, ny


What you want is the EAR 834P. One just sold on Audiomart for $850. Mellow high end, good bass, and one of the top contenders for quite some time now. Look how fast that one sold! Two days! 
Good luck!
Just took possession of an Aural Thrills Audio Serenade tube phono, it is 50db of gain in M&M and 60 in MC stage runs on 4 12AX7s and 3 for the MM. Bought for my headphone system after adding a table and after just 50 hours I have to say it is really really good. My headphone amp went down last week so off to Japan with it and so drug this phono stage downstairs to my main system to replace my beloved Allnic H1500 where I have to say held it's own very well. I feel like I stole something with this thing, must say something about me, I kind of like that feeling. Anyway the guy advertises and sells on Agon and I paid $922.00 delivered, I really don't think you can beat that if it fits your needs.
OP what cartridge are you running ?

I have the Croft RIAA-RS in one system, the RIAA is quite good but not for LOMC. Long term service is across the pond in UK  w. Glenn Croft not releasing schematics. Just a fact, not a judgement.

The EAR as millercarbon describes nicely euphonic, might be perfect IF your system js a bit tipped up. Some of that you can tweak w loading or tube rolling in any tube unit, some not.

an amazingly quiet and laser flat neutral is the NOVa II and it is being replaced by the III, so they are showing up used now on Audiogon

have fun, enjoy the hunt and quest...

Project Phonobox RS might be worth a look.  I use one with my Kab Technics and it’s a nice warm flexible preamp. You can also upgrade power supply down the road if you desire.