Phono cable question !!!

Hello everyone, I own a Marantz TT-15iS turntable (it is actually an upgraded version Clearaudio Emotion, branded Marantz). Very satisfied with this turntable so far.

QUESTION 1: My phono cable is fixed and is connected in the tonearm. Is there a way  to get it modded (or doing the work myself) to accept different types of phono cable and being able to interchange at will? I have been searching for a DIY solution with no success.

QUESTION 2: Another option would be to replace the fixed cable with another fixed cable of higher quality, again connecting in the tonearm.

Any advice would be welcomed to both questions.

Many thanks if you can help !

Try the Agon member teatime66,  he sells Cardas tonearm rewire kits.  I have one on my Rega.  They may be able to rewire yours.  BTW the rewire is an improvement.  
I can recommend Joe DePhillips of Discovery Cable.  He makes some excellent phono cables.  In fact, his wiring is used in the Triplanar and Durand tonearms among others.  He also can rewire an existing arm with one of his harnesses, and he is prompt and easy to work with.  I don't know if he runs ads on Audiogon but he can be reached at the Audio Asylum Trader under the name "Wires."

No affiliation except that for being a satisfied customer.