phono cartridge questions

G'day all, I've just registered and I'm from Australia and I'm very keen on all things vinyl and I've written a fair bit on the subject. My fav cart is the M97xE (I have three actually, all in use....(diferent turntables of course).

Some people love that cart and others don't. I'm in the first category! It is in some respects a quirky but ultimately endearing cartridge. Some of my and others research indicates that the slight roll off in the treble response can be essentially 'flattened' by altering the(resistive) input impedance of the phono stage to around 60 k. I use 62 k. As well I stick to the recommended Shure value of recommended shunt capacitance.

As I build my own DIY phono preamps, it is easy for me to do this tweaking, but realize that apart from capacitance optimisation this would be next to impossible for most vinyl listeners unless familiar with general electronics construction. Many thanks. Regards, Fap.
Great budget cart but you should try a better one on one of your tables to see what you are missing. You won't have to tweak the phono pre's if there isn't any roll-off. Try even an Ortofon or Goldring in the $300 range and you will see for yourself.
Dear Fap: I own it and in my system performs better at 100 Kohms and 150pf ( including cable capacitance value. )

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thank you all. Appreciated! Yes Riley804 I didn't really ask any question! Essentially though I was wondering if anyone has experimented with the altered resistive loading for MM cartridges? I've certainly found it highly benefical, at least with my M97xE's. Regards Fap.
I agree with Raul, The shures in general benefit from much lower TOTAL capacitance than advertised. My phono cables are 125pf per foot, so I removed the OEM loading cap and use just the capacitance in the cables.

Also check you loading resistor. that can be dialed in to offer the flatest frequency response.