phono preamp with volume control

Hello. I am looking around for a phono pre-amp with a volume control. I see that EAR has one. What are some others?
Also, balanced outputs would be a nice plus.
hello, i am using a aiwa plug-in phono turntable from the past decade and am plugging it into my late 70s stereo system that has phono/aux outlet. it appears that now my left hand side phono jack outlet on the stereo system is 'dead' and i am only hearing half the sound from the turntable. when i turn the stereo on to am/fm it sounds much louder. there is no grounder from the aiwa--just two plug-in phono jacks. is there a way i could get a phono pre-amp with volume control that would compensate for the loss--one that would be able to plug into the jack. i love this old stereo. i have a good system with a couple of extra speakers around the room and it has a full sound. i just don't want to let it go.
but maybe that is the case.
Coincident Statement Phono. Also has one aux input for a CD player or similar source.
A couple of years ago I sold my new PS Audio GCPH and purchased an Art Audio Vinyl One. I'm keeping the Vinyl One. Wonderful performer.