Phono stage good for classical and jazz?

Does anyone knows a phono preamp that provides details, good soundstage, & a wide dynamic range. I listened to classical (including orchestra) and jazz mostly.

Willing to spend $1k to 2k. Did some research, Ear 834 and Rogue Audio seem to be within reach but have no clue about how they sound.
I have no relationship to them, but I recommend the Liberty B2B. It works great and is in your price range. It does MM and MC. I have one and it outperformed the Krell KRC-HR Reference, Krell KPE, Jasmine and Cullen Modified GCPH. The problem with recommendations is that no one has heard all phono stages, so people just recommend what they heard. If you hear them at shows, they are always in different rooms with different gear and you can't tell what is phono stage and what is the other stuff.
The Liberty B2B has excellent, speed, clarity, and plenty of slam. There is one for sale here on AudioGon:
Pass XP 15 is absolutely wonderful with jazz. It sounds so sweet late at night playing intimately recorded vinyl. Whatever the venue it will be portrayed in very accurate and specific physical space but with the correct musical flow. An alto sax is an alto sax, cello a cello, but you get the specificity of the musician's own style and touch. Wonderful with piano and any keyboards and percussion is amazing. I recommend it highly. Extremely clean, pure, deep, wide and jfet smooth. Lots of gain and loading options and ability to run balanced out which I do. I am good with this pre for long term. Does everything right. Good luck!
using a denon 103r on Pro-ject 2xperience. Tube integrated amp. Briefly used a pro-ject phono box S, disappointed about the narrow soundstage and lack of clarity. Listening to Pop and Rock with this phono is ok but listening to classical is a mess. The instruments cluster together and there is no imaging at all.

Used to use an old accuphase Integrated amp and the internal phono is much better than the pro-ject. Since I have swapped in the tube amp, I need an external phono.
I have a BMC MCCI phonostage which is a great piece of equipment with good VFM as well.It is MC only if it's an issue for you.Your budget will fit for a used one. The MCCI got glorious stereophile reviewes lately.