Phono stages Whest Two.2 vs. Primare R35

Both of these look to be quality stages. Interested in opinions on these with an Ortofon Cadenza Black.
No. But I have read some commentary over the years that the Whest didn't have the resolution of some of the tubed MM competition. You might check into that.
I own a Whest Three Signature & am happy with it. It is neutral yet very musical (not too lush or dry). Not sure how it compares to the R35 though. 
My dealer sells a lot of Primare and will likely be getting an R35 I could audition. They can get Whest but have not had one in before.
If you get the Primare, come back and tell us what you think of it. That way, you add to the body of knowledge.
Ever thought of considering something like a Manley Chinook?  Incredible phono stage.
It is. Just worried that 65 db might not be quite enough gain for the 0.33 mv Cadenza Black. It might be but if not, no where to go.