Pickering v15 Series 4 Mystery

Hi Everyone-
I found a Pickering v15 Series 4 at a flea market near Baltimore on Sunday. It sounds extremely good for the $25 I paid for the turntable (Technics SL-23) it came on. I can't seem to find any information on this cart anywhere. Any help on solving this mystery would be appreciated.
This is a near bottom of the line Pickering that came installed on many BSR and Garrard record changers. Tracked at about 2 grams. I think you could buy one in the early 70's for something like $15.00. 
Sounds good doesn't it? Pickering/Stanton made excellent sounding cartridges. I still have a few that I just can't part with. The XVS 3000 was outstanding and expensive. 
Honestly, all Pickerings sound good, and I do mean all of them. 
Most any VI5 stylus should fit. They are still available. Order a new one for pocket change and enjoy your vintage cartridge. 
Nope, Shure top model was a V15 , I assumed Stanton used V15 to ride of the known name on their low products which did sound good.

Norman, my two fave carts of all time were the XVS 3000 and the Empire RD-9 . Nobody not there in the day believes they were better than current
2-3 K carts but they were .
V15 moniker I believe referred to the then prefer stylus angle.  Both Shure and Pickering used this.


Absolutely!  The Pickering XVS 3000 is one of the most impressive cartridges I've ever heard.  Pull out some old reviews, everyone loved it and with good reason.  They are worth searching out even today.  Very dynamic and detailed.  A truly powerful, silky smooth sounding cartridge.
Nearly impossible to miss-track as well.
Just so Norman, I used to be able to buy them at 65$ a pop, when I first heard what the 3000 could do on massed strings I fell in love .
Don't you think the suspension might be a bit iffy by now?
Haven't see one for a loooong time in any event .

Another killer was Sonus which was just an ADC with better quality control, very fast !

As with any old cartridge fitting a new stylus assembly is a must. 
ADC and Sonus!  Liked them both very much. 

I still have several vintages cartridges that I will swap in when the mood strikes. My two all time favorites are the Denon 103R and the Nagaoka MP11 Boron.  I play them the most, leaning towards the Nagaoka. 

I purchase a totl Audio Technica AT12s NOS recently.  I'm sure the stylus suspension is gone. I'll have to order one and see what it sounds like. 
I'm running the Nagoka MP-200 on Project Perspex, seems to be the sweet
spot available today for the acoustic music I listen to .
Really miss a Sony DD with 4-5 different Sumiko  headshells  but too old to fool with all that anymore .