Picking a Tube integrated amp

Hey all. Trying to figure out my amp situation and am looking at a few integrated to upgrade to. 

I currently have a McIntosh integrated and want to move to tubes. I have the vivid v1.5speakers and a Clearaudio Concept. Looking at the following:

—Primaluna Dialogue premium or HP.
—Audio Research VSi60
—Octave v40SE

Question...does the AR still hold up? It’s likely it will be a used model, but curious if it’s still competing with the others I listed. Any others to consider?  


The Jolida 3502 might be a great choice for less than 1500 bucks. I had a 502P for years that had tube slam for days...great amps.
VTL IT 85.  Rock solid and does not swoon like other tube gear that is not so well power regulated.  I owned the VTL TT-25 mono blocks and regret selling them as they did everything right.  And tube roll to your heart's content.

Also USA built and repaired if necessary.
bit late to the party, but Zanden 6000 is perfect match for the VIvid 1.5 speakers...it uses KT120 for like 100W on 8 Ohms.