Odyssey Cyclops vs. the Exposure Integrated Amps

I need to get a good integrated amp and I'm not looking to spend a lot of money. The Odyssey Cyclops and the Exposure Integrated Amps are the front runners. I've heard good things about both these amps and they sell at nearly the same price. Any recommendations will help. Which integrated amp is the best bang for the buck around $1500.00?
I've had my fully tricked out Cyclops for about a year now and agree with most everything I've read about the build and SQ of this Khartago-based integrated. I had Klaus build me the Extreme version with an upgraded power supply. The sound is gorgeous. I think the biggest concern for most people is the lack of inputs. I'm sure you're aware there is only 1. So it's basically a Khartago amp with a volume control. Honestly, I like the simplicity of this design and having only 1 input was not an issue for me. My system is strictly computer/digital based and my DAC (with 3 inputs) is my only source. The Exposure integrated was on my radar at the time but I never did audition it. Take a look at the Wyred 4 Sound Mint as well if class d doesn't offend. Good luck with you search.
The one input is a bit of a drawback as I have TV, CD and a phono amp that need inputs. I'm also checking out the Electrocompaniet ECI 4 integrated amplifier as I heard its pretty good too.
There's a Electrocomaniet DCI 4 for sale right now, here on A'gon, used for what you're willing to spend.

Some nice gear comes up every once in a while at your price point. They're scooped up rather quickly so patience and persevere my friend.

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Yes Nonoise, I looked at that amp and wondered how it would compare to the Odyssey Cyclops and the Exposure Integrated Amps. I read every review I could find on the Electrocompaniet and a few people thought that it was too warm and smooth for Pop and Rock. Any ideas?
I have an exposure 2010s cdp and its great. I assume their amps are just as good. However, I did just purchase a YBA a100 from their new Heritage line. Its fantastic. It drives my Elac floor standers effortlessly. They can be a fussy speaker and like a lot of current. its an integrated amp.
I have the Odyssey Cyclops amp and I don't have any issue with the single input.
If you have a TV, CD Player, Computer...etc, these are all digital sources, so you better look for a Dac with more digital inputs to take all of your devices outputs to the amp.
Klaus has stopped making the Cyclops with a remote control, so you better have a volume control in your dac, or a separate preamp.
For me the sound is huge, a very expanded sound stage with a holographic presentation of instruments. The amp is totally transparent, so whatever you give it it's gonna amplify it with no-loss of details, yet no coloration whatsoever.

I've heard the Exposure 3010S2 (not the "D," which I understand is even better) integrated, and it's excellent sounding, very well built, and is backed by a company that has been around for ~40 years. 

If there's any way to hear both, do that.  Of course, if a single input matters, the choice is easier.