Piega's "New "Spk line: "Improved or Just Hype?"

Piega of Switzerland has introduced a "new line" of speakers.I am curious if anyone has heard the model C-3 which is $3995.It is a short column about 40 inches tall. They claim that they have improved the "ribbon" tweeter and therefore improved the overall sound. Some of their previous models were often considered bright and edgy. Can anyone confirm whether this model line presents "real" improvement over the previous speakers??? Thank you, SJ
I have had the good fortune of having both the P-10's and C-10ltd in my listening room for a month. The C-10's are a completely different sounding. Bigger dynamics, deep low and the tightest bass. Smooth midrange and the best relaxed highs I have ever heard. The speaker configuration is totally different with 4 woofers and a different ribbon system. The p-10 are still a great sounding speaker that I wouldn't want to part with. The have a very true musical presentation and very unfatigueing. Both speakers need a lot of breakin time to be at there best. Contrary to the other posts I think they are a bit on the laid back side with my system. The midrange and treble area is more revealing which may be exposing the weaknesses of their souce components. I also have had other dealers and fellow audiogoners in my listening room who were also very impressed. Its all subjective and no speaker can please everybody but in my mind its as good as it gets.
I have had the Piega C-8ltd in my "system" for three hours. Bright? Yes...for the first twenty minutes, or so. Then, glorious music! And this result from my 13-year old compents: Classé DR-8, Sony ESD 608 cdp (direct to amp), and ancient MIT ics and speaker wire. The sound is involving: detailed, non-fatiguing, with the widest and deepest soundstage I've heard (some instruments on Radiohead's "Amnesiac" seemingly came from the next room). Santana I displayed mid-bass conga/drum interplay I hadn't before heard; after a few selections, I had a new appreciation for the tonalities of Master Carlos's axe.
Even Kathleen Battles' mega-million selling Mozart cd (ddd---sheesh!) sounded----ethereal.
I can't wait to get my Pass Labs stuff (coming any day!) hooked up to my Audio Note CD3.1 to hear what happens next. It's scary if the Piegas get much better. Oh, btw, I had them erroneously wired up to the topmost pair of speaker connectors; they should sound even better next time...(For all those who heard the Piegas and thought them too detailed...give 'em another chance. I don't know what the heck was the problem, but you're doing yourself some audio harm by snubbing 'em. I've owned Merlin VSM-SE batt/bam, ML Sequel II and CLS, Verity Fidelios (most recently); auditioned for many minutes Revel, JM Lab, Avalon: for my money, they didn't "do" it: even with very nice listening rooms with sophisticated sound treatment, mega-buck electronics and wires).
I also heard the new C-3 LTD at 2003 CES. Unlike Audio999, my impression on the speakers was fast, clean and balanced. It was one of the top 5 sound room that I like and enjoy at CES. Just not too sure about $9000+ price tag.
There is no claim that the tweeter has been improved . The cabinet is the most advanced ever produced for a loudspeaker. It's a composite of very thin layers of wood and cork formed under high heat and pressure. This is the same technology used to contain explosions in labratories. Piega enjoys a 5 year exclusive to the technology. If it's bright it from the source. Not one owner I know of has ever made this statement. Lot's of politics in this industry. Hi Fi Farm and Sanibel are not at all the same company. I work as a consultant for Sanibel and have some interest as well as other owners. One last comment .One of the chief personal at BAT owns Piegas.
The new C-10 Ltd is definitely a major improvement over the no slouch P-10. After considerable break-in the most noticeable upgrade is the Midrange. Much clearer with a bigger soundstage. The bass was deeper and tighter also. The sound for the first time ever filled my large room with a relaxed uncanny clarity with out any boominess. Definitely the best speaker I have heard.