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I recently was in contact with Pierre Lurne from Audiomeca which is no linger in business.  He told me that he is not very good with computers but responded to my emails very promptly.  I wish I could have met him before Audiomeca closed.  He seems like a very genuine person.  He told me that he does have some spare parts but did not have an actual inventory.  He seemed willing to look for whatever I asked him for.  I told him that I would post a message on Audiogon so that people interested in contacting him could do so.  So, if you need to ask him a question, send me a message and I will provide his contact information.

Happy Listening. 

Hallo bigkidz,

I have to ask some questions to Pierre Lurne.
Please send me the contact information.

Best regards

Shoto from Germany

I will provide the information when I get home later tonight or latest by tomorrow.


He would prefer that you give me the questions as he is not very versed with electronic equipment so if you would send me the questions I will give him the info for you.


Hi bigkidz - I have PL Audiomecca that i'm like to ask him about - I'll send you a PM , than you so much
Hi there,

Please be so kind as to inform Monsieur Lurné that we have on hand a DAC Audiomeca Enkianthus with a defective Anagram ATF 24/192 MKII chipset.
Would he have a working one, NOS or used, that he would part with?

Thank you,

Edwin Hiu Aline
Messenger/WhatsApp:  Edwin Hiu Aline

Hi again,
To be more precise about  the Audiomeca Enkianthus DAC with a defective Anagram ATF 24/192 MKII chipset.
In order to start the DAC, the chipset has to be cool down  in the freezer compartment for 15-20 minutes.
This has to be repeated when we turn the unit Off.

Thank you,
Edwin Hiu aline

To all, I have try several times to contact him but he has not responded.  I will keep trying and post back here when/if I receive a response.


I'm very interested in contact Mr. Lurné to ask him if it's still possible to get a replacement for the remote control of my Audiomeca Obsession II CD Player.
Would you be so kind as to inform him about this request?

Many thanks in advance.
Best wishes,
José Sánchez
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Spain
I have tried t reach him recently and he has not responded  I know last time we connected he had some health and family issue  I will try again and let everyone know.

My Pierre Lurne SL5 tone arm went out of adjustment and I have driven myself crazy trying to re-adjust the 3 settings. Can anyone help?If M. Lurne is still around my be he could provide some advice.
@mikleon1 - I have not been able to reach him for some time now.  I will try again and I I reach him, I will let you know.

Hi bigkidz,

could you share me Mr. Lurne contact information I hope I can reach him. I have an SL5 tonearm and I need some help with its schematic.

thank you and greetings from Hungary
He was separating from his spouse and he had some health issues back then.  Nicest person in the audio industry I ever have spoken to.  I wish I had an update for everyone.

Ho bigkidz.

No more news from mr. Lurnè?

I'm looking for a pair of hinges of J1 dust cover...


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