Pink Floyd The Wall DTS 24 bit gold 2CD

I bought an import of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" a few years back on eBay (paid about $50 I think). It appears to be an Asian import but I can't find ANY information on it. Must have been an impulsive buy because I simply don't remember what motivated me to bid on it.

It's marketed as 24 bit Gold Color Disc, has a "YX•0209" hologram on it and is released by Polydor. This is the best sounding CD I have heard of this album - compression may have been used but it is definitely done well. I have the 1994 and 2013 versions of the album that simply don't compare. It definitely has it's flaws: Discs are mislabeled (Disc 1 is actually Disc 2 and vice versa) and tracks are not seamless.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
My best guess is that its fake. Someone with a really good analog setup could have done a vinyl rip and then just burned it to a CD. A good way to check is to play the CD through a decent pair of headphones and listen for surface noise during quiet passages or in between tracks.
Here are some pics:
Its a fake. The labels on the CD's themselves look like something you can make on your computer. There's none of the usual writing on the CD's either; around the outside or inside edge. The albun sleeves look like computer printouts, as well.

The only thing that looks real is the UPC code. And it is. Its just not a Pink Floyd UPC code. Its from an Eric Clapton 2 CD album. My guess is that they used the Eric Clapton CD as a template and just left the UPC portion alone so it looks real. They probably figured that no one would go through the trouble of looking it up.

That said, if it sounds good who cares. Someone probably did go through the trouble of making a good copy. I know a lot of people who would rather listen to a CD that was copied from vinyl instead of a regular copy.
Thanks for the info! Yeah I kind of figured it was a fake when I read the horribly misspelled English translation on the back: "2005 Polydor Music Calproductons Entertainmein Ltd. All Reserved. all Rights Of The Manufactuer And Of The Reserved Work Reproduced Unaufhortzed Duplication Is A Volation Of Applicable Laws." LOL!

Whoever did it though did a pretty damn fine job and it's a treat to listen to.