best pink floyd dark side cd

what cd version of dark side of the moon offers the best sonics
$500 for the MFSL version of The Wall is absurd. The MFSL is only marginally better than the original release. I have this and many other versions of The Wall. Five years ago the entire PF catalog was remastered by Doug Sax with outstanding results. These are clearly the best sounding CDs. I bought the entire catalog again which at that time came from EMI in UK. Since then, the US CDs have been remastered as well. So, I believe the current CDs at your local record store have the best sonics.
I bought a gold disc from MFSL for $5 that sounds superb. Very clean and smooth sounding. quite amazing without even considering it was recorded in 1973.
Bjack don't be so ignorant. MFSL is very collectible, especially the Long Box Wall version. So don't spout on a topic that you don't know about. You go enjoy your store cd version of the Wall. And kacz why don't you buy a cargo of MFSL Gold CDs at $5 and I'll buy them from you for $10 each. I just love you guys, that don't have a clue on the collectibilty and what the market bears. So I suggest do a little research on MFSL before you spout your mouth.
I have 5 copies of Dark Side on cd. The original Capitol, Harvest Import, 20th Anniversary Ed, box set edition and the Mobile Fidelity. In my opinion the MF is a shade better than the current remastered version.This may be heresy but I think my vinyl copy sounds better than all of them.Good luck
Hey take it easy MFSLGOLDCD. I have know idea what it's worth and I don't care. I found it used for $5 and all I know is I like the album and it sounds really good. I didn't even know it was gold until I got it home. That was about 4 years ago and the first time I ever saw a gold CD. So yeah I guess I scored big. Anyhow that's not the point of this thread. The point is it has sounded good on all the gear I have had the last 4 years and I recommend it. It has great imaging with tube like softness but not to soft. The mix and tone is perfect for the type and style of the music on the album.
I would have to say that the MoFi version is the best that I have heard to date. Hopefully one of these days it will be put out on dvd audio! I bought my MoFi copy used for $10, but the best deal I ever got on one is $20 for The Wall with the booklet and box in excellent condition.
I have owned all versions of DSOM since the first CD release. I truly feel the MoFi is the best. I have to tell you that the first CD release is a close second. The 25th ann. remaster is the worst of the bunch, however (IMHO). Ironically, this is the exact opposite to The Wall, where the current re-master is the best (even better than the MoFi - again IMHO) and certainly better than the original release. On a side note, the MoFi's are usually the best versions I have heard (above exception noted) but NOT worth anything near three digits in cost!
According to the folks at Acoustic Sounds, Inc. (3-4 months ago,) there is a Sax remaster of Dark Side due soon. The original date of release was spring of '00, but there is/was/were a few seconds of sound loss on the master tape that they were working to recover. The "word" is that Sax is the only man that Mr. Pink thinks can do the right work. I very much enjoy my MoFi UDCD 517.
Talked to the folks at Acoustic Sounds again last week. Sad to report that the word from them is that the Sax remaster will not be released due to the flaw. What a shame. Charlie.
Dan,wasnt the sax remaster supposed to be on vinyl?I thought I had read that somewhere.Speaking of vinyl,whats the best vinyl release of "Dark Side Of The Moon"?
David, I thought they were talking about a cd. I'm glad a have a MoFi copy, I actually got lucky enough to find one used for about $15 in 1999. Felt like I won the lottery! Who would want to sell that, anyway? Charlie
i have a german cd pressing of dsotm that absolutely smokes the mfsl and the rest of the cd's of the disc i own. got it from a friend who travels extensively in europe. its a demo, done for a dutch radio group, so i don't have useful identifying info. i agree down the line with rec. the mfsl is only marginally better that the 1st (us) cd pressing. it really isn't worth buying the mfsl unless you get a sealed copy and keep it sealed; that's certainly what mfslgold is banking on. sound quality, BTW, has no positive correlative relationship to "collectability," which is a fleeting and fickle phenomenon. witness the most recent auctions of early 20th century art (but for the picasso blue period piece). david99: IMO, the best vinyl of dark side is the mfsl uhqr, followed closely by the original emi harvest 1st pressing.
Cornfedboy, I will give you $10 bucks for that cd, which is a pretty good deal seeing how it has a bunch of furren writin' on it. And, can I have your number so that I can get my son to call you. I can't seem to get this Pokemon collectability thing through to him and I need some help. It would be worth the billable hours to me. [:)] Charlie