Pioneer DV-45A Elite vs Denon DVD 2800 MK II

Once again I will need you expertly opinion.
I need to purchase good DVD player for my HT under $650. Good video picture is my primary objective. Usage for my HT is 80% movies and 20% music
I have 65” Hitachi HDTV.
Currently I am looking into Pioneer DV-45A Elite and Denon DVD 2800 MK II. Do you guys have opinion about these two players or do you have any other recommendations.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
My DVD-45A cost me only $500, and I have seen it listed for less. I bought it primarily for audio, and it is significant to me that it plays both DVD-A and SACD. The video which I have never viewed on a set as good as your Hitachi, looks OK to me. It is progressive scan. In general, Pioneer video hardware has a good reputation.
Go with the Denon. It has the better progressive output with none of the dreaded "chroma bug" that the Pioneer still has. Better build quality as well.
I would go with the Denon if you are more concerned about video capability. The only thing the Pioneer has on the Denon (IMHO)is the ability to play DVD-Audio and SACD. tested both along with a myriad of others. Check it will be surprised.
My Pioneer plays audio quite well, but I am
having a problem with the progressive scan playback for dvds. It will occasionally split the screen for a few seconds. Quite annoying. I checked my new Loewe tv with a sony progressive scan that I have in the other room and no screen splitting. It plays fine in non-progressive. But all in all I wouldn't recommend it.
I have both. Here's the scoop:

(1) Pioneer sound is marginal if unmodified. After I got the unit extensively modified by Dan Wright including Bybees in all 5 channels I think it sounds great for SACD. I don't use it all for two channel but I think it now does a good job on this too.

(2) Pioneer has the Chroma bug for video DVD. This bothers some more than others. If you are a serious videophile, I'd recommend the Denon over the Pioneer for video for this reason.

(3) The Denon sounds adequate but not spectacular for multichannel. Modified Denons (exemplar, underwood, modwright etc.) are all being raved about...but I've only heard the unmodified.

For DD/DTS any of these are sonically fine...because it is a compressed format in the first place. I use the Denon for video DVD and the Pioneer for SACD/DVDa.

Hope that helps. Be glad to answer any questions at