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Good musical HT AV/Receiver
Marantz SR8002. 
Audyssey Setup Question
Flattening room response is one of the goals of Audyssey room correction and it sounds as though it is very beneficial in your listening room. Many audiophiles are either lukewarm or opposed to room correction, but it serves to allow more realisti... 
Onkyo886/Integra 9.9 versus Emotiva UMC-1
An early Emotiva UMC-1 displayed a significant number of serious operational issue that were to be addressed by firmware updates. Not wanting an extended beta tester experience, the pre/pro was returned to Emotiva. Search the Emotiva form to check... 
Kathleen's system needs amplification. Any ideas?
Theta Dreadnaught. Awesome response with the Magnepan 1.6 and easy to drive. 
best speaker cables in the 2k to 3k range ?
Cable performance is probably the least related to cost of all audio components. Rather than investing in very expensive speaker cables that may serve as little more than tone controls, closely scrutinize room acoustics and speaker placement. Appr... 
building a sub
Check out Parts Express for a variety of kits, drivers and cabinets. Excellent performance at an affordable cost. Good luck! 
Dampining The Rear Of A Planer Speaker?
Try adjusting toe-in and rear/side wall distance to determine the optimal placement for soundstaging prior to using any acoustic treatment. You may want to try diffusion on the wall behind the speakers. Auralex makes several affordable alternative... 
Best amp for Vandersteen Quattro?
Theta Dreadnaught. I have used it with Vandersteen 2CE Sigs, 3A Sigs and Quattro speakers with great results. Smooth, extended and warm without any slop or overhang. Good luck! 
Preamp for both 2 channel and Home Theatre
Try a Theta Casablanca I or II. In the $1500 -2500 range, the Theta offers excellent analog section and superb digital performance. Unlike the competitors, upgrades can be done as desired without having to replace the preamp/processor. Good luck! 
Theta Up-grade Advice
Upgrade your speakers. Try Vandersteen 3A Signatures vertically biamped on the Intrepid, they sound great and will give better bass extension and imaging compared to your current speakers. If the Vandersteen Quattros are within your reach, all the... 
What are the sonic DISADVANTAGES of the 840c?
The differences between the better "mega-buck" players and the Cambridge 840C are really quite small in most respects. Some may be preferred for a particular characteristic or handle SACD or DVD-A, but the Cambridge presentation is simply detailed... 
Theta Casanova HELP please????? Can't unlock
The lock is a simple four digit numeric code based on numbers 1 through 6 and won't have a zero in it, so the possibilities are not endless. It would take at most a few hours to find the code manually. The question is - are a few hours worth $350?... 
Arcam fmj cd33
Also consider the Cambridge Audio 840C. It offers true balanced operation, crystal clear sound and has a vanishingly low noise floor. Any "digital glare" noted will be coming from the source material with the 840C. The two additional digital input... 
Best Multichannel Amp for MG1.6/QR's
Make sure to consider the Theta Intrepid. It outperformed the ATI/Outlaw in direct comparison and has a more neutral nature then Bryston equipment in my experience. Good luck! 
CD player reccomendations please
Be sure to include the Cambridge 840C on your short list. My review of it is over at AudioAsylum. Good luck!