Pioneer Elite Receivers

Hello all, I have a question on Pioneer elite receivers, specifically the VSX-49 and the VSX-47. I'm looking at an ebay auction for these receivers and noticed that the specs are the same {130 watts/ch @8 ohms) and that they weigh the same (63 lbs.) but the swhipping charge for the "47" is 29.99 as opposed to the $79.99 shipping charge for the "49"
Does anyone have info on these receivers? Something seems amiss.

Shipping fees charged by sellers on ebay have no connection to the real cost of shipping the unit. They are, very often, a way to build the profit into a transaction and high shipping charges provide a couple of other advantages to the seller.

Since ebay charges for the transaction based on the selling price, exclusive of shipping, a seller with a low price but a high shipping fee makes more money than the other way around. The other advantage is that often a seller will offer a refund of the purchase price, but not the shipping, if a buyer is satisfied. If the profit is built into the shipping fee, the seller hasn't lost much.

You can see it at its most extreme from some of the oriental rug vendors on ebay. You can buy a decent rug for $.99 if you're the only bidder but the shipping fee may be $99.

There's nothing wrong with that scenario as long as you know what you're getting into and calculate the shipping cost as part of the total value.
If you buy an item from a private seller, tell him you will be happy to pay the actual shipping charges but not more. Also, call up the shipping company, whether it is UPS or FEd-ex or another and get a price quote from them so you will know what the charge will be.
You must be referring to the Elite VSX-47TX, and the VSX-49TX, which is also available with the I-Link (VSX-49TXI)! An Elite VSX-49 is a much older unit, and does not weigh 63lbs!!!As far as the difference in the units, the VSX-47TX has a more simplified remote, although it does have calibration capabilities, and the VSX-49TX/TXI)- (2 seperate Models), come with a touch screen remote, which retails from Pioneer for about $375+ (For the Remote alone)!! Also, the VSX-49TX has a rigid type side exterior, while the VSX-47TX, has a flat side. Shipping weight IS the SAME!! (63lbs)! As far as shipping is concerned, sellers can make up any price they want to, and cost vary upon the distance that the item has to be shipped, and some will double-box them, as they are extremely heavy and need as much protection as possible the way that carriers handle them, and going through conveyors! What ever you purchase on ebay, especially a high $$ item as these, take out shipping insurance at what ever the cost! On some Ebay listings, the sellers will state in their description, or payment and shipping instructions, that insurance is included in the S&H, but you need to make sure that the small box on the bottom left corner has that in TEXT, as the default setting is NOT OFFERED, but if they do not scroll down that very small drop down box, and make the necessary changes, even if the seller states that it is included, it will not appear on the invoice!! It will have not offered, when you check-out! I would clear this up with the seller, and have him revise, if you have not already purchased, or have them send another invoice, where shipping insurance is documented in the invoice, and payment!! I know this is out of date, but maybe it may help someone else!
Hey Alley Cat you are right it does not weigh 63lbs, they weigh 64lbs.
Dimensions (inches) W17 3/8" x H 7 3/4" x D16 6/8"
Weight 64 lbs