Pioneer SC--57 Versus Onkyo TX-NR5009

Looking to replace my Sunfire Ultimate receiver with either the Pioneer or Onkyo. My system is currently a 7.1 channel with Vienna Acoustics Schonberg fronts...Webern powering both center and surround rears with Bergs as side axis. I just purchased a Pioneer Kuro Pro 141 FD monitor so I thought keeping everything Pioneer may be the way to go...also like my vinyl setup. Have a VPI Scout with all VPI cables Dynavector Pre Amp for my Dynavector Karat MK cartridge. Also just upgraded to an OPPO BDP 93.... Which receiver will give me the best audio (I like listening to cd's and SACDs) and video performance. Also looking to replace my Samsung Projector in the near future so that we can have 3D capability on our 106 inch screen. I do not want separates as I already went that route and space is a bit of a premium now in my new setup. Thanks
When I purchased my 151FD I decided to go all Elite. The receiver is the SC-07 and the BluRay player is the 05 something which I rarely use. This is an HT only set up. I can say it did all go together very simply but I have no idea if other brands would have been just as easy.

This system replaced an Integra 6.1 and a CRT and Triangle Comete speakers. I purchased four more Cometes for he sides and to replace the little rears. The Integra was an older model without room correction.

In my two channel system I have an Ayre solid state, MFA tube, and NuForce switching amplifiers. I've come to enjoy class D amplification a great deal but they can be a hassle if you have poor AC. Compared to my other amps there is a top to bottom clarity and they simply don't get congested when pushed.

The Pioneer has switching amplifiers and it has no issues with AC. Cranked up to full volume it just plays louder, no strain or fatigue. The pioneer is rated at 125 watts, the Integra at 80 watts. I don't conceder this disparity that great. The Integra had a much more robust transformer, even so it simply couldn't do what the Elite can.

Before you get all excited I should warn you that there are many people who dislike any switching amplifier and you might not either. If possible an audition would be a wise effort.

The Pioneer has its own room correction software. My system is in a corner of a squarish area that I never could get to surround that well with the Integra's basic setup prompts. The Elite's software was a snap to use. I did some minor manual adjustments to suit my taste and with the right production the 7.1 can be downright spooky. I think most modern 7.1 receivers are capable of providing decent surround.

Don't be concerned by a small or oddly shaped room for HT. The 7.1 will work and unlike many people who think you need a big space for 7.1, it's just not the case. Your two channel presentation may be compromised though.