Pioneer SX-251R compatibility question

I have recently picked up an SX-251R as a nice little bedroom receiver, and as a former owner of a CT-M6R cassette changer, I wanted to get a changer for this setup.

The issue I have is that the only changer available locally is a CT-M50R, which has no IR window, but does cable to the receiver. As I still have the CU-TO11 remote that came with the old changer, will the amp recognize it and send its commands to the changer, or am I stuck with the much more limited cassette changer controls on the amp's remote?


Is this a little too obscure a topic for this forum, or did I pick the wrong category to post in?

This is from the service manual.  So, I am thinking that it would be the receiver remote controlling the changer.



(SX-311R, SX-251R only)

Connect this jack to other Pioneer components bearing the SR mark when using the remote control of this unit to control the other components.


To the CONTROL IN jack of other component.

Rar1: Exactly so. What I don't know is whether or not I will be able to have the receiver relay the extended command set of the CU-TO11 remote (also SR marked) that came with the CT-M6R to the CT-M50R changer that doesn't have its own IR window like the CT-M6R did. Both changers were made at the same time, but I am hoping that I am not stuck with the more limited set of changer commands that the SX-251R's remote has.

I believe you will be using both remotes.  The 251 remote for the basic set of commands and the M50R remote for the changer.

I am also thinking that there aren't a lot of working cassette changers out there anymore (this certainly isn't 45 years ago), so you may forced to live with the limitations.

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One thing I'm having trouble with is deciphering the model numbers on the changers. As near as I can tell, 'CT' is "cassette", 'M' is "multiple" (as in changer), 'W' is "dual well" (in the case of changers, one multi cassette well and one single cassette well) and 'R' is "remotely operated", either by cabling to the receiver or with its own built-in IR receiver, both having the SR symbol on the front panel.
What is confusing me is what (if anything) the digits signify. They don't appear to be in chronological order, but the first (or only in some cases) digit seems to be either a 5, 6, or 7, where 5 is wired remote to the receiver, 6 is built-in IR remote, but what does 7 mean? And is there any meaning to the second digit? Like, is there any difference between the CT-M5R, CT-M50R, and CT-M55R? And so on.