Placement of electronics

I've always placed equipment on side wall about mid way along room length. (Atma MP-1, MA-1, Modified Lenco TT, Wyred 4 sound Dac 2, Maggie 1.7, strategic placement of reflectors, bass tubes, cables are top Analysis Plus and Nordost.). The sound, sound staging etc is what I've always wanted. However, I want to upgrade the interconnects between the pre- and the amps, which are 1 foot behind the speakers. Now, the length of these cables is 20 feet. The interconnects I want to use are far too expensive to run 20 feet.

Finally, the question: If I put all the equipment between the speakers, including the TT, won't I pick up more vibration issues?
I agree with grannyring.My components are on a low and open frame rack about 4 feet behind the speakers.The speaker as the source of sound completely disappears with most recordings.
It's pretty much a known fact these days that putting all that stuff between your speakers, right where you expect them to produce this complex sound stage, is a really bad idea.

Not even mentioning (well I guess I am) the problems with vibration on the components, especially the turntable.

Super expensive cables are so over rated it's almost criminal. And different lengths is a non-issue as well, since we are typically talking about +-10 feet max.
In a perfect world, I would use monoblocks behind or adjacent to the speakers (on the floor), using very short runs of speaker cable. Other electronics on the near side will or on the rear wall, behind your seat, connected to the monoblocks via good quality (but not necessarily expensive) XLR balanced cables. I agree with Buconero117, it would be great to get the the TT(s) out of the room but I doubt that many of us can do that. I settle for putting turntables as far away from the speakers as possible, preferably behind some other gear.
Jarraa, RPG makes a "acoustic screen" they call theirs the RPG Variscreen. I have 3 one to block off a stairway and 2 to block off dormer style windows...