Pleasant Surprises

Sometimes you buy one tweak or another and it doesn't work as advertised. So there's a lot of frustration. Other times you buy a tweak that offers an unintended benefit.

I have a Krell FPB 600 power amp. It is a beast that puts out enough heat to warm small countries. Whenever I turn on the home theater, my den gets uncomfortably warm after a few minutes. So, I recently installed a Parasound Zbreeze to help manage the heat. I was amazed at the results. The ambient temperature in the room seemed 10 degrees cooler. My wife even noticed. I can't wait to get some for my tube gear.

So, which tweak has pleasantly surprised you like that?
I have to say my favorite tweak so far has been Walker SST silver paste. I was skeptical at first but knowing that contact interconnections are less than stellar, I figured it could work - and sure enough it does. Definite improvement in transparency across the board.

By the way, keeping your gear cool is about the best thing you can do for reliability and longevity - especially with tubes. I keep my ceiling fan going anytime I am not listening since my MC240 stays on all the time.

How does the Parasound Zbreeze lower room's ambient temperature? My upstanding is that the Parasound Zbreeze is used to draw heat away from the equipment and vents the heat into the room. In order for the Parasound Zbreeze to lower the room's temperature, it would need to both draw and cool the air, much like an air conditioner.
I took a big plunge on tweaks. I just got back a Music Hall unit from Chris Johnson at Parts Connexion. WOW, this moved it up several levels...worth every penny.
My favorite tweak has bee using dried buffalo chips as isolation feet... really makes the midrange more pungent.
More from Walker Audio, the Talisman and their Reference HDL's are two of my favorite 'tweaks'. Though I do have to admit that I now prefer the Quicksilver Gold to Walker's Extreme SST.
Intelligent Design products. They have evolved into great helps for the audiophile.
How can intelligent design "evolve"? :^)
Seriously, I googled and got a whole lot of stuff unrelated to audio. Poor Mr. Darwin!
Can I mention two?
1. Getting rid of the coffee table.

2. Going back to the Rotel RB1090 after trying Class D monos.
This thing about coffee tables that you read about in the mags and here...I tried it, but the screaming I did each time I spilled hot coffee in my lap marred the sound of the system.