Please Help T3F problems

I really Miss my Goldmund Studio/T3F

As soon as I turn the table on the toneearm drives straight to the spindle risking my Kouetsu Onyx cartridge. It did this to me years ago and I found that by repeatedly turning it off and on I eventually got it to work and I just left it turned on. That worked for awhile but now it will not come out of that mode.

I have a Krell, Apogee Fullrange, Suprateck system and cds just aren't cutting it.

If anyone has any experience with this, Id really appreciate any assistance 



Thanks in advance for any help



Mijo, The "T3F" refers to the Rabco-like tonearm that was marketed by Goldmund, originally I think with their massive Reference TT, which was then the most expensive TT/tonearm combo available, at least on this side of the Atlantic and Pacific.  I don't think the OP has a Goldmund TT.  And he wants to make his T3F work; he's apparently not interested in a replacement tonearm. Did you actually find the Reference TT to be problematic?  HP loved it for years.

Which you like, I guess. Yes?

If I recall correctly the T3F made its first appearance on the Reference as part of an ensemble that also included the dedicated stand.

@lewm , You are correct, the tonearm was the T3F. The turntable we had it on was not the Reference. It was the Studio which I thought was a fabulous turntable in comparison to the Linn LP12. If working correctly the OP is best served by changing arms as he will have a hard time finding a better table. The arm however is a nightmare in progress and Goldmund no longer services it or stocks parts for it.

The Reference is a totally different table. I have never been in the same room as one. 

I wonder if Frank Kuzma was copying the Goldmund Studio when he designed the Stabi M. Remarkably similar tables.