Please join this poll!!!

I just came up with this silly idea to check what site you will see autocomplete after you just type "a" and nothing else on your search bar (not google or bing search window, but generic internet search bar). If you have auto-complete feature disabled on your PC, you will certainly need to enable it to participate in this statistical research.

In my case it clearly used to be audiogon, but recently things changed towards amazon. So I need to know who will hit "audiogon", "amazon" or "something else" so making just 3 categories to report here and let’s GO.


I use firefox and audiogon comes up first.  Interesting to note, if other browsers have different pushes. 

This reminds me of the musical parody on Saturday Night Live where the comic playing  Kellyanne Conway reprises the Roxy number from Chicago.  She is going on about how famous she is going to be and sings the line "And when they Google just the letter "k",  the first name up is not Kanye.  Its Kellyanne Conway."