Plinius SA250 or 2x SA100 monoblocks

Which would be better between 2 SA100 monoblocs or 1 SA250mkiv?? I've gotten different opinions from a number of people I respect!!
Personally I think that 2 amps is the better way to go. There is much more headroom, superior dynamics and the soundstage is M U C H deeper and wider. The Music isn't so focused between the speakers.
I tried it a few times with Rowland and Pass amps and even with a pair of stereo amps with various speakers, the results were always the same.
Not much listeners do that, because for these extra 30 % increase they have to buy another amp and that is normally not cheap.
( And most think,from a 200 W amp I need only 50, for what do I need a 2. amp ???
you can look for a pair of premium speaker cable, because only a 2 or 3 foot pair is necessary and there is the next
H U G E Improvement )
I think, even when you don't do it and you go for a SA 250 and some time later you will connect a second SA 250, you will hear the much better dynamics at once.

I heard it even with high sensitive speakers which run with 5 watts and my Rowlands delivered more than 400 W.
1 of my amps went out for repair and I thought, well, no problem, I will switch my other one to stereo mode and I can listen to music until the other amp comes back.
So I did,listened and switched my amp off after a half an hour and never used it again until my other amp arrived 14 days later....
SA-100III x 2 = same sound has 1 with more grip in bass and a sence of limitless power, but you get a more 'mechanical sound'less natural feeling and less deep.

That's why i have the SA-250IV. It gives you 'Natural power' deep and wide, more natural voices and better detail.

So I recomend 2xSA100 for 'electronic-rock' and 1 SA250 for jazz and classical.

I think is IMPERATIVE for you to listen the 2 options before

Best regards
Eugenio Costa - from Portugal
How much power do you need? I've listened to both the SA-100 and the SA-250 (which I own). IMHO, I liked the effortless, dynamic sound of the SA-250. I didn't think the SA-100 had quite the "umph" that the SA-250 has. Both are very good SS amps.
Take Eugenio Costa's advice and try both set-ups before you invest. Or, just get 2 SA-250's now.
What about the SA250MkIII with siltech silver wire upgrade vs. an SA250MkIV? The MkIII can be had at bargain prices these days. Is the sonic difference between the two worth the difference?