Plinius Speaker Recommendation

I have a 9200 integrated currently running to a pair of very old Monitor Audio MA4's. Surprisingly good sound, but now time to upgrade this final item (sources are a Linn LP12 and Mission Cyrus CD). With the upgrade, need to acknowledge that the listening room is a rather large 35 x 25 x 10 ft high . . . . wooden ceiling, carpeted with windows/gyproc on walls.

While I'm at it, the carpeting will be going this summer. Currently trying to find a happy medium in a 'pet friendly' floor (non-carpet) that won't create harsh/echoing sound. Open to any and all suggestions, as you can see by my system, the Plinius aside, I haven't considering upgrading in a long, long time.

Shahinian and Plinius are a match made in Heaven. I would look at the Obelisk, Hawk or Diapason. With such a large room the Hawk or Diapason would be best if listening at loud levels. If not, the Obelisk would be a very sweet and musical combo. Call Shahinian and ask.
Have had very good experience with my 8200 MK2 with Tyler Linbrook System 2s
plinius works well with a lot of speakers: Dynaudios, Harbeths, Spendors, Totem, Sonus Fabers.
Just play around with the speaker cables and you are all set.
How about cork flooring ?
I too am looking for a pet friendly floor and am considering cork . Haven't checked into what "pet accidents" will do to the finish applied to the cork but the cork itself is supposed to be impervious to liquids .

If not cork , the only other option is a decorative finish and industrial sealer applied to my concrete slab . Then use area rugs . You didn't state what type of subfloor that you have .

Good luck .