Poor internet, streaming not possible

First of all, I am about a generation behind.

Secondly, I suffer from terribly throttled down internet speeds in my location. Streaming is an option I can only sometimes use.

I was happy with my Audio Research Ref 150 and my Magnepan 1.6s etc until the entire system was stolen.

I have a decent CD (and vinyl) collection they didn’t take.

DAC this and DAC that has me a bit confused, as I see prices from $99 to $18k for. DAC.

I assume my best option is to buy a Blu Ray player and run that through a DAC to my vintage Marantz 2270?

Thoughts about what steps I should take and secondarily on recommendations on lower budget items, as the hifi is not all they took and we are slowly rebuilding.


I suffer from terribly throttled down internet speeds in my location ...
What makes you think that, as opposed to there being other network issues causing your slow Internet speeds?
@diffin - Do you need a BlueRay player for video or multi-format playback? If not, a good CD player, or a CD transport and a DAC might be a better solution.

Got a budget in mind?
What are your internet speeds? Have you actually tried to stream audio? If your basing your ability to stream audio based on inability to stream video, don’t, audio is way less demanding on bandwidth. 
Cleeds and crn3371:
I meant a generation behind in hifi audio streaming, I’ve been digital since the beginnings. However, I was content to drop a CD and listen and just use my phone for casual listening.

Yes, my internet really does get THAT slow. My old provider (now gone out of business) broadcast throughout the SF Bay Area and I had a constant 25+ mps.
Now, on Viasat, I vary between 109mps (2am?) and .08 during prime time when everyone is streaming (probably made worse during this stay-at-home situation.) Yes, I cannot even play a few bedtime tunes for my kids unless they have been downloaded.

In the meantime, I’ve dug out an old Blu-ray player with rca outlets and plugged into my 2270.

Reubent - trying to keep it south of $500. Used is fine for me right now. (Saving for my Magnepan 1.7i’s)

There really is only one speed that matters: 33 1/3.
Until you hear the 15 in/s
what is your download speed?  It very well may be your possibly outdated router and not the internet speed.
I lili like the idea of a go of Blu Ray.  Currently listening to an SACD on my Pioneer Elite UDP LX 500.  Has a pretty good internal DAC.  Buy this and let it marinate for a year or so before you start thinking about external DACS 
Viasat is satellite they throttle and have data caps you plan dictates speed if you're not getting what you're paying for call them and complain.
Three easy - no...it’s not the router... all state of the art with a major home remodel.
We just max out early. We are on the highest tier of their plans. We are looking at combining multiple ISP sources.
I feel your pain. Being rural we are fortunate to be one of the lucky ones that get dsl. Sometimes our speeds approach 1MBit!

I actually stream Tidal for 100% of my listening. That is when we have service. MQA is iffy unless we are getting the 1Mbit ish levels. Otherwise it does work pretty good. Are times when can’t browse when listening but I look outside and it makes it all worthwhile

Physical media or a .usic server is about your only way out if your getting less than .1 Mbit. Might get a bit of a boost being wired vs wireless to your router if you’re seeing massive retrys. But thats about it

With an entry level budget, I’d use what you can as a cd transport and look at a Schiit dac. Would be a huge step up from a CD player. You can then feed that dac with a local server when you get there
I’m glad someone here understands.
From 11pm - 7am I can stream to my heart’s content. Not so good for family life.
we will probably add dsl from ATT to get a steady 3MPS.
The Schiit modi3 looks like a winner for me.

Thanks from a fellow 21st century country bumpkin’