pop sound between tracks

I noticed a pop noise between tracks yesterday streaming Quboz. Anyone else have this issue?   I have an Aurender A15.


Thanks for the response. I will try this out. Funny though that I really only recall hearing it the last two days or so.   

Check to see if it only happens when you switch resolutions between songs.  I've never had an Aurender, but I know with some other DACs I've had that it is common to hear a brief click when the DAC has to switch between a CD quality track (16/44.1K) and a hi-rez track (such as 24/96K.) This is because a different clock is used and sometimes even a different internal chip.

A simple test is to play a single album and see if you hear the noise in between songs. The songs on a single album should all be the same resolution so no switching is needed (though you may hear a click with the first song depending on what was previously played.)