Poping noise starting up Mcintosh MA 6900

When I turn on the amp using the standby button, I get a popping noise that is audible through the speakers. Not loud, but can be heard. The amp is just 1 week old. I had the MA 6500 in the same set-up and liked it so much I upgraded to the 6900. The 6500 made no noise, none. Is this inherent to the design (autoformers) or is there a problem? If anyone has the same experience or has suggestions, please respond, thanks.
I also own the McIntosh MA6900 integrated amplifier and my unit does not make a "popping noise" when I turn it on. I do not know why your unit is doing this. Please call the McIntosh retailer you bought the unit from and ask them.
I went to McMasters training, and have a working acquaintence with the products.
Popping through your speakers is not good. The pre amp could have some bad capacitors. The issue here is that if something goes, you could conceivably pass dc, that is direct current, destroying your speakers.
Call McIntosh directly, and get their service department on the line. In the meantime, if you bought it from a local dealer, and it is relatively new, ask him for a brand new one to replace it. McIntosh is really, really, good about this kind of customer service.
Good luck,
Oops, another thought, though a little obtuse. could the popping be coming from noise in the line, and simply coincidental to turn on. (Refrigerators coming on etc send jolts through the line, and I have actually seen this blow tweeters) But that is not the issue since, it only happens on turn on. Just a random thought.

What speakers are you using? The amp can not pass DC as outlined above because of the output transformer. I would turn the volume down and see if you still hear the pop. This may be system related and coming from a source component connected to the MA6900 or a ground loop. What are all of the components in the system including any AC conditioning?

I did not know that the 6900 could not pass dc.
Also, what kind of ground loop could cause a popping noise.
60cycle and harmonics of, but popping I have not experienced.
Thanks everybody for the responses, except for the pope one? I have tried turning the volume down to zero and turning it on, same thing. I have also turned it on with the selector button set to no component at all, same thing. I had called Mcintosh and spoke to Joe there and he said that it could make a noise on start up. But that it is not the way it should be. He said that the filter caps could be of uneven capacitance and as they even out, the pop could result from that. Although he never said that it needed repair, and that I should listen to others and see if they make the same noise. I also asked could it be another of my set-up, Joe said no. What?, I had hoped for a firm answer, either yes it is broken or no it is not. My retailer said he never really paid attention to the one on the floor. He said he would listen to one he has on display and call me back, he has not. To say the least $4600.00 later, I am less than happy! Is this the legendary Mcintosh service, is this typical of other retailers around the world?
I just heard from my retailer, he has offered to exchange my amp for another. I am still less than happy with Mcintosh tech support, felt they could have been more helpful. Hope all turns out well. Thanks for the posts.
The reason I suggested exchanging for a new one, was that I did know that McIntosh would back the dealer on the replacement. That is where they excell.
Glad you are now getting what you deserve, an amp which does not pop.
On the passing dc thing, I know that the gentleman could be correct, but I am always one to suspect the worst when it comes to something like this.
I have had McIntosh amps take out drivers before, so not passing dc must be new to their design. It has been several years since I attended McMasters. Maybe there were mitigating circumstances in my experiences. Anyway you are well served.
Good listening.
Transformer coupled outputs cannot pass DC. This is fundamental to a transformer of this type. As for the retailer exchanging the amp - be happy you bought a McIntosh. Krell would not do this for me a few years back. I had to send it off and wait for several months. Needless to say, I don't have Krell any more. Arthur
Am not sure why you would be unhappy with McIntosh. In less than 48 hours of posting your received a new replacement amp. Pretty good, if you ask me. You were lucky you didn't have to wait for one to be shipped in.
HELP! I have the popping noise too on my McIntosh MA6900. When I flip the power switch on, a slight pop goes to speakers. When I turn on the standby, a very loud pop goes to the speakers and I'm afraid it is going to ruin my tweeters or something else. How did you solve your problem?? I need help if you can please