Portable CD player

Hi All,
I’ve done a few searches on here over the past month or so (maybe once a week) for a good, portable CD player. No luck finding any listings at all. Are there any audiophile level portable CD players out there? Just got a new leased  car and this new setup  is basically digital or radio only, no CD port. All I got are blue tooth and usb to work with. What’s a guy with 1000 cd’s in portable cd cases to do?!

I know . . . but way too time consuming. I’d have to rip my entire collection. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Lol
Haven't heard that expression in years!
Check eBay, they have literally thousands for sale. 
Yeah . . . figured it was time to bring it back 😎 
planning to check eBay, but that’s why I was asking for recommendations. Not really sure which brand/model to look for. At this point all I could go by is price 
Have you considered an older model boombox,
from Sony or Philips?
1) some have multi-disc option
2) good size/sounding speakers, placement flexibility
3) enough weight and stability to produce good sound
4) possible plug to cigar lighter or battery operated
5) modest cost (internet or garage sale)
You may want to get familiar with the features of a unit indoors
before graduating to the car.