Portable Inspiration from your Favorite Movie

I often wish I had a collection of favorite scenes from favorite movies.

Ripping and compiling DVD chapters might be one way to do this?

But I would also like to have a faster, cheaper, easier way to quickly "capture" even a single frame or a photo of scene to refer to on my computer or to paste into a document for personal use.

Can anyone please offer any ideas or suggestions?
Providing you own the DVD you can always capture a scene or two using video editing software. I use Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. The software is fantastic, very user friendly and you can do all kinds of cool stuff. I have also used Avid, Vegas, and a couple others I cannot recall right now, but to me they were just odd to use.
You can simply capture the frame or scene then export into a variety of formats.

I would be cautious though, this could turn into another expensive hobby if you are not careful...trust me I know!
One more thing...do a search on video editing software there are loads of free 30 day trials out there.

Have fun !!!

Thank you - I always have room for more expensive hobbies.

Reading your post I remembered that I bought Adobe premier pro with this in mind.

However, I am having a maddening time even learning basic photoshop because it is S-O S-L-O-W ?!?!?

Is this really RAM intensive or something? Do I just need a new computer?

Waiting for a computer can get very frustrating. I would assume it is your RAM. I am running 1.5 gigs of RAM and I am doing OK. I know rendering on Premiere Pro is still very slow for me.

My camera (Sony PD170) drops aroound 3.5 megs/second to my computer. Needless to say you need lots of memory and the files get big quickly. Also if you are going to get into this stuff, RAM will quickly become your best friend. Ideally, a MAC dual processor loaded with 8 Gigs of RAM would solve all of our problems

As for Photoshop, there is a definate learning curve. There's another program that would take years to master. After stepping away from it for a few months, I am lost once again. It's madenning trying to figure out what you used to do with ease only a few months back. I try going to the source, there are many tutorials on Adobe.com for most of there software.

The good thing is, you'll get a great sense of satisfaction once things start flowing for you.

Best of luck!!!