Possibile new Integreated recomendation

Been thinking of a final change (or should I change?) to go with my ARC CD 3 and Apogee Slant 6 speakers. I want to stay integrated (current is Classe CAP 151). I have been looking at Jeff Rowland Concentra (w/o phono) but was wondering if there was suggestions as to other possibile "magical" match? It has to be SS, and my musical interestes are; soft rock, jazz, blues and new age. Can't spend too much, I've got a limit of around maybe $2500 (give or take). opinions are welcome.
400xi by krell 200 watts ,clean,nice looking ,plenty of power
2500 new 1500 used...i have owned them and they are excellent.....also bryston 60
I went from the CAP-151 to a Bel Canto eVo2i two years ago. It was a big improvement IMO. Got me off the upgrade path.
I'm an audiophile that has been almost exclusively into integrateds over the years. I'd recommend Plinius; you always get quality with Plinius. There's an 8150 for sale; I used to have the 9200. Also if you're looking for a very smooth and laid back sound, the NAD M3 is that and is a great looking integrated too. Whatever you buy, I suggest you get a popular brand at a good price so if it doesn't match well with your speakers you can re-sell and recoup all or most of your original investment. Good luck
Save up some more money and get one of the best solid state amp on the market today....Luxman L550 mk2 $4500 $$$$$$ Go look at the reviews!
the Concentra is nice but a little thick and lacking air the few times I heard it, YMMV though it holds its own against the competition I am sure

Plinius is a nice alternative choice
I'm getting hooked on the smoothness, speed, low noise floor, current delivery, transparency, and dynamics of a well-executed class D amp. At your price point, I'd sure give a listen to a PS Audio GCC-250. Originally $3500, they've evidently been discontinued and are now available right in your price range. Example here.

If there are no dealers in your area, you could mail order from a vendor with a generous trial period. All you're out is the return shipping if it's not your cup of tea.

The Musical Fidelities are pretty nice as well. The A5.5 lists at $3K, has 250wpc and even includes a MM phono stage.

Here's another approach: The Musical Fidelity Supercharger 550K monoblocks are down to $2500/pair (from $5K--e.g., Audio Advisor). They're 550 wpc. What if you put that with a nice low powered integrated or line stage. The 550Ks have a small footprint (about 8x8) and could sit fairly unubtrusively right next to your speakers, so they'd still have the effect of simplifying your wiring and rack space while still giving you a whopping amount of power.
I am surprised to see anyone mention the NAD Master Series M3, as it rarely gets mentioned. For a Class A rated product from Stereophile never to get mentioned much is amazing. Even if you believe the ratings are BS, it usually gets more talk then this M3. From the various forums I have read overall it is a really like Integrated. I wish I had a place to hear one. It seems to get more positive comments on other forums then here. Though they are getting pricey at 3 grand, since NAD is such a large volume big discounts off list are usually available, so maybe it is worth a look.
If your budget is like a lot of ours, you probably can't spend much beyond your stated $2500. I would stick with Plinius. If you keep on the look out, 9200's come up for sale fairly frequent and they are very good integrateds and in that price range. They also hold their value. Also as Wayne said, the NAD M3 is worth a listen and they go for good prices.
The McIntosh MA6500. Powerful, smooth, nuanced and dynamic. It was hands-down better than a Classe CA200 + Cary SLP98 in the system comprised of Revel F30 speakers and 1072 cdp....

Thanks, I like acouple of your suggestions in particular, Pilinius and NAD (I read the review of this in Stereophile) as well as Krell (can count on the bottom end, used to have an Aragon 2004) and we just got an MF dealer so I can try to hear them now too. What I'd like to match for synergy is a smooth liquid mid range but also have a good bottom end and retain the sparkle of the highs I get currently as well. Asking too much???? If you think of more that may fit please say so (just remember it HAS TO BE SS).
The Creek Destiny is a pretty incredible amp, and lists for $2450. It is extremely transparent, and very direct sounding. The soundstaging is pretty spectacular also. My regular gear is ARC Ref stuff, but I am quite impressed with the Destiny. Very detailed, but still punchy and musical.