Possibly dumb hookup quesiton -- Cello Palette

Hi all,

I'm not new here at all, but this is only my second post in probably 12 years.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a dumb hookup question--my preamp's manual says:

The Palette Preamplifier uses three-pin Fischer connectors for the highest quality
balanced output connection. In addition to the Fischer connectors, there are four
pair of RCA connectors. Two pair of RCA's are for use as single ended MAIN outputs..

Does this indicate that the RCA outputs can be used to drive the amplifiers? Or can only the balanced outputs drive the amplifiers? Just trying to figure out what kind of cable to get.

Oh, and does anyone know which Fischer 104 connector is the right one for the Palette, if I do have to get a Fischer to XLR cable?

I've been out of this for a while, obviously :-)

Yes the RCA ouputs will drive your amp Here is a review of the Pallette. Fischer is a brand that makes connectors. Just get a pair of RCA cables and you should be fine !

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