Poster's or Musician photo's available online?

I'm looking for 3 prints/photo's or even black and white posters which can be framed to be put in my living room. I was wondering if anybody has found an online resource, which is specific to musicians...I like jazz and rock.
Google it man, try various keywords and you will no doubt find items you may like.
I have, and I can't dig up much. Most of what's out there are postcard sized pictures. Hence why I posted on this forum.
Try this for posters:

Not sure they are going to have what you are looking for, but they have a pretty big selection.

One search pulled these up:

not sure what these sites have but my search was "rock artist posters"
Check out in Boston. They have a great selection specializing in signed, vintage posters from the mid 1800's through contemporary poster art. These may range from $250 on up (and up), but there are many wonderful pieces. I've bought close to two dozen pieces over the years, including some great music related art.

Good Luck,