Potential New Pre

Hey guys, I've currently got the Yamaha CXA-5000.  I'm thinking about upgrading it to the Anthem AVM 60.  Is it worth the upgrade, ie will I notice it sonically?  They are about the same price range or will need to upgrade to the big boys to really hear a difference, ie McIntosh, Classe, Krell.  Thanks for all the input.  
Funny you say that.  I currently have an NAD T175HD that I am very pleased with but if it ever takes a dump, the Yamaha CX-A5000(CX-A5100) and the Anthem AVM60 are the two I would be considering as a replacement.  Base on the success and reputation of the Anthem pre/pros both current models and past models, and the new lower of entry for the AVM60, Anthem would most likely be my choice.