Power cable Advice...

Hi - I am upgrading my PC's from the basic stock to something higher end. Working with a budget up to $1,500 per cable (used will get me bigger bang for the buck) for the following products:

- Pass Labs X250.5 Power Amp

- Atma-Sphere MP-3 Preamp

- Electrocompaniet EMC1


TIA. Joey


@magnuman I am beginning to think you own shares in the company licensed to produce it.

It is worth noting that the highly regarded Audioquest Hurricane and Dragon’s do not use Ohno continuous cast copper (or silver in the Dragon) 

I may have misspoke.  Seems like the 40% off ended.  Guess I was lucky.  Here is there current web page advertisement.  Seems a little confusing.  I would still callAlex (proprietor) at the phone listed on the web page.  He will be very helpful.  He is just a nice person.  Maybe he will cut a deal. Excellent tech, good looking, flexible, durable 7AG power cord.  I have high current on the integrated amp and power conditioner and digital on the server and DAC.  I use we platinum full loom except for speaker cables.  



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No don't own any shares I just know what's the best cable and audio quest is definitely not as good as anything OCC single crystal and what's even better is the rectangular OCC single crystal wire, even better than the round, neotech has two flagship products called the Amazon which is the rectangular silver OCC wire and the Sahara which is the rectangular OCC copper wire, I have the Sahara and it just blew away my round OCC wire from harmonic technology, It's not cheap though, The silver rectangular wire was put up against an $18,000 wire and it beat it by one of the retailers in Quebec, but the silver wire at 9,000 US for 2 m speaker wire is definitely not cheap, The copper wire is half price.



I have not been impressed with Audio Quest in the past. But the Storm generation is a completely different story and a breakthrough. It does not shift the tonal balance, it dramatically drops the noise floor, without imparting a sonic signature, so more dynamic and quiet. The Hurricane and Dragon have been the buzz of the industry the last couple years for good reason. 

I suspect there are at least two innovations… the battery thing and the plugs on each end are really tight… I mean really tight. You’ll have to hold the front end of your fifty pound or heavier amp so not to move it when plugging in. 

The Hurricane on my power amp quickly brought my year long search for the right power cord to an end. 

I suppose I’m just a novice, but what exactly does a $5000 power cord do for the electricity. 🤷🏻‍♂️