Power cable for Sony SCD-XA5400ES

Anybody know what the strange two prong non-polarized plug is at the back of the unit? The stock power cable is a joke and I would like to get something a bit more substantial but I can't identify what the female end is. It looks like the sort of plug common to computers but it's two prong instead of three. The male end is a regular polarized two prong plug.
Any 3prong IEC cable will fit. Obviously, without the central pin on the chassis, the third line will not be relevant.

I keep an array of good 3prong IEC cables attached to the back of my AC filter/UPS units and run them to each shelf on the rack. Each component used gets what's there and the stock cable never leaves the shipping carton.

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I suggest a Synergistic Research Tesla T2. Remarkable cord for $650 new or $400 used. You want the ultimate, go up to the Hologram D for $2600 new or $1600 used. You will not look at another cord again...

Regards Bacardi
Thanks so much guys. It't not a C7. I took the three prong off of the computer and it does work , so it looks like that is it. On closer examination, one side is marked N and the other is L, so the plug is polarized with proper polarity directed by the asymmetry resulting from the bevels.
Buy PS Audio PerfectWave 3 with removable ground pin ($120).
and You are good to go. I have Sony 5400 and that power cable is more than good. Forget about $1000000.00 cables.