Power Conditioner and Current Question

When shopping for a power conditioner do I need to worry about having a "High Current" outlet on the conditioner for all my equipment, or is just one for my amp good enough?

My system:
McCormack DNA 0.5 amp
Musical Fidelity A3CR preamp
McCormack SST-1 transport
Bel Canto DAC 1.1 DAC

The Musical Fidelity's manual says it consumes 20 watts max... The other pieces are less than 10 watts, I believe.

Any help would be great! Thanks!
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Elizabeth is correct in that you need more power from the outlet/circuit/line with any decent decent current drawing amp.

But an amplifier needs a line conditioner as much if not more than any other component.

However, since some to many line conditioners actually draw current of its own, it is thus taking current that should go to the amp at sundry times.

The best way to resolve this is to install a 20 amp dedicated circuit/line for the amplifier only. Then assign a passive and dedicated in-line power conditioner to the amplifier.

The Sound Applications power conditioners - lightning protection devices have a bandwidth of 2.5 m gigahetz and do not limit current up to what your outlet can handle. I have found that my system sounds better when I put my digital on a seperate conditioner from everything else and in my system , I find it performs considerably better when everything is connected through their products .
Thanks for the responses, everyone! That is very helpful!

What about a regular surge protector? Would those limit current in anyway?

Thanks again!