power conditioning question gentlemen

      I,m considering a power conditioner /surge unit ,Two sunfire subs,nu vista intergrated(draws some juice) ,transport,dac,tt, phono section (dc-ac i may just plug in wall)  .Dedicated 20amp run directly to room x 2 hospital grade rec. I have been looking into richard grays,furman ref,shunyata etc.I have a unique set up here in nor cal.I am completley off grid!,I run a serious solar and res set up with a genny back up.The power is pretty consistant although during changes in genny start up or at time it does fluctuate a little .I never hear it or have never measured a spiked it drops slightly during those milliseconds.I would like to snag a used one in the 1k range .

The Reference Series units in this video offer balanced power. Note the difference in the size of the transformer as compared to the Elite series units, that's due to balanced power. The P-2400 weighs 90lbs. The consumer level IT Reference 20i offers balanced power and is twice the price of the P-2400-IT which is studio grade. I can't answer why but it seems to me that makes the P-2400 a great buy.


and here is more information from Garth Powell from Furman....

Erik i have all satalitte  phone too .. 

Falcon the core im speaking of is new this mnth mark is making  a 1200 w and a 1800 watt unit torodial 

Did I answer your question? If not, write to me directly.  I may not always be paying attention.

Cool thanks erik it's obvious you like the 2400 furman im looking into it much more closely. Thanks again 
Well, like is relative.  It's relative to how much $$ I'd have to spend. :) :) :)

I do like big iron/transformers, and power regenerators.

If I could have it all, I'd go that route but in your case the two things I would NOT give up are surge protection and voltage regulation.  After that it's just how much extra $$$ do you want to spend. :)


Its not free lol .. Of  course its all relative . In audio sometimes it becomes a little too much for me thats why i got away from it .. Too much keeping up with the jones spend spend spend it becomes diminished return . At some point you have to breath and release whether you have 5k or 500k involved 

I totally get it. That’s why I make my own when I can and gave up on things that don’t offer phenomenal benfits. I make my own speakers, cables, and music server which leaves me with a lot of cash for a nice DAC and room treatment.


    I'm liking it Erik ,it's at the top of the list for the bks.Although i will wait to talk to mark from Core he said they are making a new setup.I do like the 20 amp i only have 7 plugs.
 Also i pm you  ....

Anyone mess with the torus set ups?