Power cord and interconnect advice

I recently purchased a MacCormark DNA 125 and am looking for a good match in a power cord. The remainder of my system is made up of: Denon AV4800, Toshiba 4205 DVD, Mirage OM 8's, Mirage center and surrounds, and a Mirage Frx 12 Sub. I would also welcome advice on interconnects, I am currently using Nordost Solar Wind speaker cables and interconnect between the MacCormack and the Denon.
Every cable/PC is going to offer something different. You may want to consider talking to the guys at The Cable Co. They offer trials with options. Check www.fatwyre.com They also sell pre-owned cables at www.usedcable.com
According to Bob, at The Cable Co, the Synergistic AC/Master Coupler is a great match with McCormack amps.
I don't seem to be getting a lot of responses to my post. any suggestion as to better visibility.
The Cable Co. is your best bet. Cables are system as well as taste dependent. The Cable Co. will have a larger data file available to them than any chat room, as this is their business. If you go through past threads on cables you will see that that the opinions run wide on any given cable. Narrowing it down with good advice and then auditioning cables (with a return policy) in your system is the best way to go.
Bob Cohen @fatwyre.com recommended the Custom Power Model 11 for my McCormack DNA-1. Sounded pretty good, but then I auditioned a Custom Power Top Gun HCFI which was way better although way more expensive. Better than w/o the HCFI. This heavily filtered cord worked better straight into the AC line, vs.via a power conditioner at my house w/ a dedicated line.