power cord for Martin Logan Aerius

Has anybody tried aftermarket power cords with the Aerius i, don't want to spend a whole lot maybe 2 or 300 bucks for used or new (pair).
Used Electraglide Regular.. about $200. Also using Delta Labs Power Pro 10 gauge oxygen free copper with great results on my SL3's.
I think you can search for some 2nd hand Apex Power cable if you could find them and they match martin logan speakers fine. A 6 feet Apex cord should now cost around USD60.
I've tried alot of cords, but not with ML's. My experience is that the less expensive cords are not a good value, making little or no difference (or worse), while the better cords can provide much more improvement. The best cord I've heard is the JPS Power AC, which is $500 new, but about half that used. You should also consider a dedicated AC circuit for your speakers, if you haven't already. That is usually pretty cheap ($200-300) and can improve sound more than power cords in that price range.
You may want to read what sterophile has to say about it. Their reviewer tried various power cords with martin logans (SL-3s I believe) and found virtually no difference in sound quality. Search Stereophiles archives for articles on ML. IMO save your money for other components.