power cord for PS Audio Power Plant Premier

Hi there,
I just got a Power plant premier and am a happy camper :). The manual said that it would benefit from a Power cord upgrage itself. All my components connected to it use Verastarr power cables and I would like to keep it that way. I just need a cable for the power plant itself. Was thinking of staying PS audio but not sure. On a tight budget and want to go used if possible
When I had the PPP the best cord was a VH Audio Flavor 4 after trying other more expensive ones. For me I could never get the PPP improve my system, it always rolled off the top end.
The HIFICRITIC test of the PPP found that the Xtream Primer SC [ may have the first two reversed] cords worked very well. I have a couple, using one with my Quintet, and find them very good. I had a couple of Statements of the same generation and their only shortcoming is that they are very stiff. I only sold them when I needed to get a couple of 20 amp PCs.
I'm very, very happy with a Pangea AC-9 on my PPP. At ~$60 for a 1m cord, you cannot go wrong.
I'll second the Pangea AC 9. I've got one from the wall to a Duet and another from the Duet to the PPP. I've been very happy with the result . Far more robust performance than the stock cords and at a very reasonable price point.
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I made my own cord for the PPP from Belden 83803 teflon coated 12 gauge copper wire, wattgate plugs and black techflex. Looks and sounds great! A little on the stiff side, but it can be bent to fit; if you need to get into tight spaces, a Wattgate right-angle plug works great.