Audioquest Hurricane High Current Power Cable on my DAC. That's right!!!

While listening to my audio system, although the music reproduction was very nice overall, somehow, I kept getting this uneasy feeling that the music just wasn’t flowing the way I expected it to. Something just wasn’t right. The music was sounding a bit bass heavy, sterile, and even somewhat uninvolving. Now, I just recently upgraded all cabling in my system except for my speaker and ethernet cables, which I determined to be keepers, so they remained with no regrets. After further listening and evaluation, I decided that the first step in attempting to make my system sound more involving would be to do a little experimentation with my power cables, just to see what effect the changes would have on it. As mentioned, I just recently upgraded most of the cables in my system which included two Audioquest Hurricane High Current PCs, one for my integrated amp, and one for my power conditioner (as recommended). However, I have heard of others (rarely) who used an Audioquest Hurricane High Current PC on their DACs (not recommended), so I thought, what the hell, let’s give it a shot. So, I took the incredible JPS Labs Aluminata PC off my DAC and exchanged it with the Audioquest Hurricane HC (I plugged the Hurricane into a source outlet on my Audioquest Niagara 3000), and then put the JPS Labs Aluminata on my amp (I plugged the Aluminata into a high current outlet on my Audioquest Niagara 3000), and wow!!! With the Hurricane on my DAC (Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty) everything suddenly came together beautifully. The sound was just as detailed but more organic, natural, lush, musical and involving. The soundstage was jsut as deep, tall and wide. The bass also got tighter and more coherent as well. Turns out that the JPS Labs Aluminata happened work better the amp in my system. The change in placement of the cables in my system created a different dichotomy and synergy between them, that, fortunately for me, worked out just beautifully for me and my system!!! So, I just wanted to share my experience with others in regards to my extremely positive experience using an amazing Audioquest Hurricane High Current Power Cable as a source power cable, on a DAC. Happy listening.

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Oh yeah, I am fully aware of the fact that there was some new cable burn-in time in play.


@kennymacc you can use the hurricane hc on source components. I have. I’m currently using Tornado HC on my streamer and it’s awesome.

Also, just from my experience, the Hurricane is an amazing cable but it’s bottom heavy. The bass I had in my system with the Hurricane on my Pass amp was something else. Unfortunately it also resulted in muddied up mids and highs. It’s all system dependent but what you’re hearing is the sonic attribute of the AQ H.

@ auphile1. The Hurricane HC pc had a very different effect when used on my DAC than it did on my integrated amp. The Hurricane HC on my DAC, the bass tightened up beautifully, and it didn’t suppress detail or muddy up anything. The Hurricane seems to have supercharged my DAC in a marvelous way, allowing the music to just pour out, so smoothly with a combination of lushness, detail and authority. Yes, the Hurricane HC can be a very detailed and transparent PC depending on where you us it.  I’m hearing something very special to my ears with the Hurricane HC on my DAC. The Hurricane HC on my DAC gave me the spaciousness, detail, transparency and soundstage that just knocked my socks off. The music now just flows and breaths more beautifully. The Hurricane on my DAC also created a more "in the room," organic effect, as well.  What a wonderful discovery.  Yes, I’ll be leaving the Hurricane HC on my DAC for the foreseeable future. At this point, I do believe I’ve got everything figured out in my system, and I am now satisfied and all done spending $$$ on audio for the foreseeable future. Happy listening.

@kennymacc yup. Great on dac. I was referring to its effect on sonics when used on the amp. One of my favorite things about these AQ power cables is the reduced noise floor. Background becomes darker. Good stuff! Enjoy!!!

Thanks for sharing. The AQ Hurricane HC was a revelation on my amp. Did you compare the Hurricane Source Component cord and high current on your DAC? I’d be very interested in hearing the differences in your system. 

I always do what you do as well. When I get a new cord or interconnect, I swap them around and evaluate the sonic differences. Always very enlightening. 

ghdprentice: I understand that all Audioquest High Current power cables were designed specifically for high current components like amps and especially their conditioners, and that’s exactly where I initially put it, on my amp. On my DAC, I was using an incredible, but extremely expensive JPS Labs Aluminata PC. As we all know, the Hurricane high current can be bass heavy. Well, my speakers, Revel Salon 2, puts out a ton of bass as well.  Ok, my speakers, Hurricane PC, Hegel H590 integrated amp combo was putting out a little too much bass energy in my room for my taste, so I decided to experiment a little bit with my PCs to see if I could alleviate this issue.  These two cables were the only PCs in my system that I could switch out, so hopefully I would find success with the moves.  As mention, I was aware of others who used Audioquest HC PCs on source components with positive results, so all I could do is hope for the best.  Fortunately for me (Luckily for me), moving the JPS Labs Aluminata to my amp produced a match made in heaven, and, by the same token, moving the Hurricane to my DAC produced the same magic on my DAC.  It just worked out that way.  And now, my system is singing like never before.  To answer your other question. No, I didn’t compare any of the Audioquest Source PCs on my DAC (although I did have a Tornado source on hand), because the Hurricane HC worked out so brilliantly, I felt no need for further experimentation. I’m all done. Happy listening,

Thanks for your reply.


Interesting. I spent a year playing with my amp power cords. The problem would be that they would warm up the signal too much. The AudioQuest Hurricane did not. It lowered the noise floor and did not attenuate the high frequency… so perfect for my system.

Just reinforces the point that it is all system dependent.


I get it, when it is time to quit.

@classicrockfan “High Current Power Cable" does not make sense.”

Huh? It makes perfect sense. What does your comment mean?



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"High Current Power Cable" does not make sense.

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Well the AQ Hurricane in question here is actually High/ Variable Current power cord. All that means is it is suitable for use on components that have high current demands such as power conditioners and amplifiers. It can also be used on preamplifiers and source components and actually works really well in that application. Pretty much a universal power cord.
There’s a Source version of the Hurricane that is smaller gauge and is not recommended for power conditioners and amps. If using a larger gauge power cord on components with high current demands doesn’t make sense to you, that’s fine. You can use whatever you want. I assure you no one here will care.

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FROM a bit bass heavy, sterile, and even somewhat uninvolving.

TO as detailed but more organic, natural, lush, musical and involving. The soundstage was jsut as deep, tall and wide. The bass also got tighter and more coherent as well.

PLACEBO EFFECT/SELF-JUSTIFICATION but it's worth the money as long as you're happy

BTW what's difference between uninvolving and involving?



Okay, Mr...... "PLACEBO" man.  You know best, LOL!!!!!

Happy Listening!

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High current amps (drawn by transformers) or batteries (stored)

Variable outputs/inputs (volume controls voltage controls etc..)

Variable High current power cord doesn't make sense.

Just read this thread one more time.

"more organic, natural, lush, musical and involving.  deep, tall and wide"

"amazing Audioquest Hurricane High Current Power Cable as a source power cab"

Having used all those fancy words and praises this is not some ordinary product review by an end user. Nothing do with placebo/self justification. I won't say anything negative about it... but laugh it off. Hopefully adequately compensated or at least allowed to keep the review unit.


Oh and, the moderator of this site should move this thread to MEMBER REVIEWS. And should give the OP a warning and this member audphile1 another warning for making a personal attack.