Power Cord for Wyred 4 Sound DAC2

if you've tried aftermarket power cords on the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 i'd love to hear from you. i'm not sure if this piece is sensitive to power cords, though i've heard the Wyred amps are. i'm using mine as a DAC and preamp and was thinking about trying an aftermarket PC. if you've gone down this path, i'd be grateful for your inputs.
I use the Xindak FP-01 Power cord for the DAC2 and Wyred 4 Sound STI-500 with excellent results. I have found the Xindak cables and power cords to be very reasonable in pricing and of very high quality. The Xindak FP-01 1.8 meter Power Cord is being sold by Pacific Valve and Electric company for $149.00. This power cord feels like power cords that are priced at 2X to 3X the price. They also have a FP-5 with new technology that was listed at $200 but recently on sale at $120 that looks really nice.

A very cheap upgrade is to improve the wall plug. I replaced mine with a hospital grade receptacle for all of $18 which is probably no different then some of the audiophile receptacles selling for $50-$75. This made and audible improvement.

I have found that the STI-500 is amazingly sensitive to minor changes in power conditioners, wall plugs and power cords. I haven't done as much experimentation with the DAC2 but plan to shortly (it has gotten all the upgrades the STI-500 got, just didn't do before and after listening sessions). I will say that the overall sound is three dimensional and uncannily real.
I have changed my DAC2 power cord for the Pangea 14se cord. I did find very noticeable improvements, but I changed all the power cords at once so can't really say what exact improvements were attributable to the DAC. I also recently added 2 dedicated lines and new receptacles which again made a very noticeable improvement overall. I say it can't hurt!
Email EJ (Wyred) and ask him if they use their P-1 Ultra power cord on their dac. It's the only power cord they make. If not, maybe he'll suggest something.
I forgot to mention, if you are looking to create a music server on a PC, try the Netgear EVA 9150 Media streamer. B&H Photo website has it for $284.95

I have been using this with high resolution files 96khz at 24 bit along with my entire CD collection on its built in 500G hard drive. The sound quality is surprisingly excellent with only one issue, playing 88.1khz 24 bit files which do not play well on the system.

I run both Xindak digital cable and Toslink cable from the Netgear 9150 to my W4S DAC2 and switch back and forth. Can hear some minor differences and have been surprised that the Toslink on voices is unbelievably real coming out of the EVA9150 with CD quality files.

Pacific Valve and Electric have a mod version of the EVA9150 with solid state hard drive that I would imagine to be even better but at a much higher cost.

What's nice about the EVA9150 is that it is self contained, one stop solution at a very low cost. It also does Video and outputs to a large variety of choices (HDMI, Coax, Toslink).