Power cord on audio innovations l2 pre amp

Just wondering if you guys think this would make a difference in my system. Low fi stuff. Nad c541cdp,audio innovations l2 tube pre amp, psb stratus golds, signal cables for speakes and ic. I was going to try a different pc for the preamp only because i didnt hear much of a difference coming from my pioneer elite 39tx to to the tube preamp. My thinking is that im looking for something that would help without spending a ton on a pc. thanx for any info. kevin
The better the system, the greater the results. It would be interesting to try a borrowed power cord to hear if the results are cost worthy.
no real audio buddies in my area. i just hate buying things just to try. my wife hates it even more. may try some signal cables pc
Save your money for better basic components or buy more music. Power cords are basically a tweak level component which benefits a well matched, properly set up, and resolving system. A Stringreen said, try before you buy.
i wouldnt mind trying before buying i believe that would be the best way to get what i need without getting divorced. obviously i dont wear the pants in the family just resposible for making ends meet. thanks for any info. if u guys have any lower priced cable for me to try step up and we can work something out. maybe even some higher end stuff to try out against the signals. karma is real in my life so no worrys of me yankin u for cables just isnt part of my up bringing. appreciate ur time posting. much appreciated kevin
Try a used PS Audio power cord here on Audiogon like the Mini-lab. They go for around $60.00 to $80.00 used and make an incredible improvement on most gear they are connected to. I also think that Signal Cable is a worthy consideration as I have some of their interconnects & like them. I suggest PS Audio because they have a great deal of experience in power conditioning units, power cords and they are reasonably priced. Note please understand that quality aftermarket power cords have a much more bigger impact on some gear than others, regardless how much they cost.