Power cord upgrade for Rowland 8T

Currently have Harmonic Tech pro Ac-11, looking for upgrade.
Speakers B&W N802, amp Rowland 8T. Which power cord Power
Snakes sidewinder, Cobra, FIM, Synergistic Research ?
I purchased an ESP Essence based on a review using the cord with the 8Ti. I found it used here, and paid a fair price for it. I am not sure that I can provide the same praise that the reviewer heaped on the combo, but I will say that it may provide some mid-bass improvement. The operative word in that previous statement is "may". The jury is still out on this issue. Whichever cord you do go with, you should be aware that the amp requires a 20 amp IEC. Best of luck.

My opinion, for what it's worth.
I have an 8Ti/HC and am using a Custom Power Cord Co "Top Gun HFCI" (I think that's the right name) cord.
Retails for around $1200. This was recommended to me by the guy I bought the amp from. He said that these cords were designed specifically with Rowland amps in mind and that many Rowland owners swear by them.
I compared it with an ElectraGlide "FatBoy" (a very fine power cord, $2K retail) and found I preferred the CPCC cord slightly (but the FatBoy sounded very good too, so if you can find one at a good price, don't hesitate).

A cheaper cord that you might want to try is the PS Audio "Lab Cord". I tried one on my Levinson CD player, replacing another $2K cord--Shunyata King Cobra II. Son of a gun--the PS cord was quite competitive.
I couldn't try it on my 8Ti/HC because the Rowland requires 20 amp IEC connector.
Craig Zastera
I'm here to tell you get the regular Top Gunn. The better cords go on the front end.The reg is 5/6 bills new /used for 3 & 1/2.
agree with George. I use the Top Gun (must be a base model, since I got it for $350 used) for my amp, but Shunyata on front end.
You might want to consider the Cardas Golden Power cord 20A IEC version since it is common knowledge that Jeff Rowland uses Cardas for internal wiring.
I have Model 9Ti Rowlands and use the Top Gun HFCI. I am not a big proponent of using expensive power cables but the quietude and dynamics I achieve in the system with the Top Gun is exceptional. Inexpensive alternative is the MIT Z-2 power cord, very quiet for a reasonable price. Don't forget Jeff likes to use the IEC plug at the amp side of the cord which makes the cable at least a special order if the Model 8 uses the IEC 20 amp plug. Happy listening
Thanks for all the input. I'm going to pick up a Top Gun
HFCI. Does length of the pc affect it's performance and
do you guys plug in you're amps straight to the wall.
i'd love to plug my jrdg 8ti directly into the wall but find it works only when i plug it into an ac oulet. ;~) actually, yes, i do not use a "conditioner/power plant" or such; i do, however have dedicated 20 amp lines with hospital-grade outlets. as for cord lenghth: there have been numerous posts on the subject. as near as i can fathom: you shouldn't have any problems if you stick to the "standard lengths" offered by your chosen manufacturer.