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DLP vs Plasma/LCD
A DLP or LCD Rear Projector will be more than twice as deep as the average flat panel in either LCD direct view or plasma display technology. The newest Samsung's featuring the Gen 4 DMD and the pedestal stand are about 14" deep, but the pedestal ... 
Help me decide: Best 5 channel AMP for me
I vote for your preliminary choice of the Amp5. 
Recommendations for Music on DVD
You might want to pick up "In The Flesh", Roger Waters' live show recorded in June, 2000. Decent video work, good guitar and a pretty good song selection as well. 
Quality recorded opera performances
Thanks folks. 
Quality recorded opera performances
Thanks all for your opinions. Re: Libor35's post ... I was hoping to get responses from those who have experienced opera pieces with great recording and production values; but if the opera is marvelous as well, so much the better. 
Repost: Plasma TV support
I'll certainly forward this information along. Thanks for the offer for future help. 
Jeff Rowland Model 6 or Model 8
Vtin,If the seller can't provide you with the information, I suggest you contact JRDG and ask them directly. They should be able to tell you about the design features of that particular Model 8, and the modification stage it has undergone, if any.... 
Perpetual Tech P1A
Point of note on Jvr's post above. I believe to obtain the 30 day trail, you must order direct from Perpetual, or via I bought mine from a dealer that advertises on Audiogon, and was surprised to find out that the 30 day deal didn't app... 
Tweeter absolutely silent. What could be the reason?
Abbe Lowell is the advising counsel? 
Your favorite blues album?
I re-post, only to ensure that my word is heard (if only some pols could do the same). Read the previous (actually, it's two up) post and then seek out and find the Fat Man (Leslie West, you gotta lose some weight anyway). And then, well, just enjoy. 
laid back, warm interconnects with tight bass clean highs
I'd suggest you check out the classifieds here. There is a pair of AQ AudioTruth Diamond X3 cables available. I have had a pair for 2 years, and have absolutely no complaints with them. I find they provide better bass than Cardas Golden Reference,... 
A good speaker question
I don't think that any fastener, especially those subjected to vibrations that are present in speaker enclosures, are guaranteed to stay tight unless they are lock-wired in place. A speaker enclosure is going to expand and contract (no?) with chan... 
Would You Pay $9.95 For Satillite Radio
Unlike Trelja, I enjoy the variety that Satellite TV has to offer, and gladly plunk down my cash for the channels. I do not however see any need for the music channels, but then again, if it weren't for talk on the FM band, I wouldn't even listen ... 
Bookshelf sized-cost no object
Take a listen to the Revel M20 speakers. They really hit the mark with these speakers. I didn't get an oppportunity to listen in a "bookshelf" setup. The audition I did was in a listening room, but even if they only perform 1/2 as well in a booksh... 
Klipsh near New Hampshire
They might not have any of the three speakers you are looking for, and the listening rooms are poor at some locations, but Tweeter Etc. does carry Klipsch. There's one in Newington, and I believe one in Salem.